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RED SKY, Next it was dark – Terri Graham


RED SKY, Next it was dark

March 12, 2022 2:27 PM
Terri Graham

Dream 3/3/22

I was outdoors, but not sure where. It was a clear and sunny day.
I knew something was coming and people around me had no idea.
I kept watching the sky.
At one point what I thought was a beautiful red looking sun I knew in my heart wasn’t as it appeared.
I saw another man watching the sky also. We started seeing strange cloud formations and the redness spread across the sky.

Next it was dark. I was sent out into the streets and told to walk and loudly Sing “Amazing Grace”. As I walked, and loudly sang “Amazing Grace”, I saw small groups of people walk toward me.
Another time, I sang “Take ALL of me Lord ”, as I walked from place to place.
I noticed that people were listening.

God Bless,

Terri Graham

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