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Ready to roar My soldiers!

July 14, 2022 7:29 PM
Teri Hennessey

Hello, blessings Jonathan,

It’s certainly been awhile. I have been in a season that was very tough, but God is good. And His grace carries me through it all. I may share a portion of testimony regarding my absence for a season in a later message. ABBA Father has asked me to start sharing on your site once again. I have many older words that I will also share but felt led to share the two latest words right away. Hope all is well with you and yours. God Bless you for your service to the Kingdom of Heaven.


Teri Hennessey

First Message:  Feel very strongly that though this was a personal word, it was meant for all the Remnant.

Message Received June 27th, 2022.

My daughter, welcome back to the land of the living. I’ve missed you and I see in your heart you have missed Me too. Precious daughter of My heart, where do I begin? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything you will ever need or desire will be added unto you. It begins with worship. I am so happy you opened up tonight and allowed a little of My Son shine in. I Am where your smile is; I Am where your relief is; I Am where your comfort is. Daughter of Mine, it is all ready! All waiting! The earth and all the hosts of heaven await in eager anticipation of the glorious rising of My sons and daughters; appointed to bring home My lost children. Oh My forerunners, yes, you have quite a life ahead of you; for a season anyway, you will see blessing upon blessing. Fear not; fret not; worry not; doubt not; Only believe that My hand is truly upon you. I speak only truth, My beloved child. Your future is in My hands and let Me say it is upon you. I ask you to stay right where you are and only watch My great hand play out. Where the enemy has tried to take you out of this race, watch as I make all those against you witness your new assignment as the greatest blessing to ever be bestowed on you. They will walk away in shame for they know they’ve been defeated and will never again be able to bring you down. You will rise up and never fall again for you will know that I Am with you, and I Am for you and all doubt, all discouragement will disappear from your midst; all that will be left is Me. Daughter, seek Me daily. Give Me this beautiful worship time as often as you can, and you will see all the negative stuff start walking away with its negative tail between its legs. Seek first the kingdom and watch everything else fall right into place. Watch your blessings unfold; watch your deliverance come in a like a flood; watch your anointing pour over you like rain. I love you My anointed Remnant Warrior Bride. Lace up those boots, it’s time to put them in the dirt. Time to rise; My sword between your teeth, you shall bring the devils down down down. Hallelujah.

Your Loving Father and Papa


Second Message

Message Received July 12th, 2022

I am listening Lord….

Write My words, sweet child of Mine. My joy is all over you. There has never been more powerful worship from you than what you’ve expressed here tonight. I am thankful that you chose to press in My loving Bride. You have a roar deep down in you and I see it rising. It comes closer and closer to the surface each time you go deeper and deeper with Me. My eyes’ flames of fire, gaze at you as you lift your heart in reverence of My glory and My power and oh how this very same glory and power will burn from those I have chosen to be My lights in the darkness. (I was having a vision during worship of seeing Jesus on His throne beside the Father and I could see that His eyes were flames of fire). His message continues…

Ready to roar My soldiers!; My kingdom Warriors. Ready to pour out all that is about to pour down over each of you, My forerunners. Yes daughter, We are nigh. Every so nigh to your anointing drop. Like the giant ball in Time Square on New Years Eve, My anointing countdown begins and will drop suddenly. The journey takes on a New Course with New Waters and a New Ark. Get ready My beloved; Get ready. Prepare, for your day is dawning and much will be given. Much will be required My Remnant; you are ready! 10, 9, 8, 7,…..


PS Share this with My Bride; My beloved. Tell them how much I love them and to hold on to Me and don’t let go, no matter what! I will keep you. Don’t give up; keep going; My grace is sufficient for each and every one of you.

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