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Rapture when Nukes dropped – Melisa May

Rapture when Nukes dropped

Melisa May

Dream given to my husband J 8/30/19

Last night my husband was giving a prophetic dream about a nuclear blast and a simultaneous rapture. He said he and I were in a park somewhere. He said all of a sudden he heard a very loud boom and it was so loud and bright. He said it was so loud all he could hear was a loud ringing in his ears.

He immediately prayed “Please forgive me of my sins Jesus and except me into you Kingdom.”

He said right then he began floating up through the air and knew the rapture was happening. He said he could feel my presence along with him. As he was going up he saw the light of heaven and gold. He said the gold streaks he saw were actual buildings in heaven. His dream ended. As always take all dreams to the Lord in prayer.

*I had a word given to me years ago that as the bombs 💣 come down we go up*

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