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Rapture when Nukes dropped – Melisa May

Rapture when Nukes dropped

Melisa May

Dream given to my husband J 8/30/19

Last night my husband was giving a prophetic dream about a nuclear blast and a simultaneous rapture. He said he and I were in a park somewhere. He said all of a sudden he heard a very loud boom and it was so loud and bright. He said it was so loud all he could hear was a loud ringing in his ears.

He immediately prayed “Please forgive me of my sins Jesus and except me into you Kingdom.”

He said right then he began floating up through the air and knew the rapture was happening. He said he could feel my presence along with him. As he was going up he saw the light of heaven and gold. He said the gold streaks he saw were actual buildings in heaven. His dream ended. As always take all dreams to the Lord in prayer.

*I had a word given to me years ago that as the bombs 💣 come down we go up*

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  1. Keith

    GodsHealer7 said “When the fire comes down, you go up” regarding the rapture.


  2. mem

    I’ve heard this statement so many times that generally goes “when the missiles/nukes/bombs come down we go up”.

    This just doesnt make sense. Just because problems/war befall you doesnt mean it has to be the rapture. No one was raptured in Hiroshima or Nagasaki or any other massive bombing campaign where thousands upon thousands of people including sincere Christians are wiped out. What makes someone think they are so different that when they get bombed it must be the rapture. Read Fox’s book of martyrs. It is time to give up the milk and simply be prepared to die whether it’s getting hit by car, shot, bombed, fill in the blank.

  3. Several years ago I was in deep prayer with the Lord asking Him question after question about the end times and how things were to be played out and how the rapture fits into all of this, and He gave me a flash vision – not 2 seconds long – of nukes hitting several population centers within the US, but mere seconds before the first one lit, He called us Home to be with Him. He then clarified that this would be the second wave of attacks upon our nation – the first happens some time prior, which we will see very, very soon. The first attack would be on a limited number of targets, which I believe Jeff Byerly calls “the fiery kick-off event”.
    Take this to the Lord and ask Him to confirm these things in your heart.

  4. Peter

    Well said mem. Sadly this “we are getting out of here before it gets bad” mentality will cause much damage to believers BEFORE they go anywhere and indeed I believe it will be used by God to separate the sheep from the goats.

  5. Paul Morgan


    Right ON!!-


  6. Catherine

    The biggest persecution is coming and christians should prepare them to die. We will go by the last trumpet, so a lot is before us.

  7. Dana

    I was brought up in the Pre-Trib rapture belief. Now, I don’t care when the Rapture comes, as long as I’m ready! That is the important thing, folks – BE READY WHEN JESUS CALLS YOU HOME OR THE RAPTURE OCCURS.

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