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Rapture Dream – Ronald Chong

Rapture Dream

Dec 14, 2019 9:03 AM
Ronald Chong
On December 12, 2019 I had a vivid dream. In this dream I was in a wooden house’s dining room with huge windows. My dad, grandma, and Uncle were there, among other adults. In the dream it was around 5:40pm, just before sunset. We decided that someone should say grace before dinner and my uncle said my grandma should do it, but she wasn’t used to doing it so the only thing she blurted out was, “I love Jesus.” At that moment I was looking at the sky through the windows where I saw, very clearly, huge dark clouds. When she said those words a flash of lightning lit up some clouds. Then another lighting, then another.
Then I looked up and saw the figure of a person up in the clouds. Then suddenly this figure was already down close to the ground. Then the scene changed and the curtains were closed, but a beam of what looked like light and electricity with a strange sound came into the room.
At this point I knew the Rapture was already happening and so I fervently prayed. I really intensely felt myself praying, as though I’m awake.. come to think of it it felt like I was more awake than in real life. I prayed that this is it, and that I be taken. The strange beam ‘scanned’ the room, as though it was looking for someone, then it pointed towards me, as if having found what it was looking for, then everything went bright and I woke up, with no hint of sleepiness. I was wide awake, feeling a bit exhausted from all the praying in the dream.
I think what this dream is telling me is that Jesus is now here and He’s coming down, and few will be taken. There were no children in the dream either, so maybe it means they are gone, or will automatically be taken.
Ronald Chong

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