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Rapture Dream – Melisa May

Rapture Dream

March 8, 2020 10:31 PM
Melisa May

Rapture dream given to my husband J Cooper 3/8/2020 Interpretation given by Melisa May

This morning my husband had a dream. We were on a highway traveling somewhere. My husband and I were traveling in separate vehicles but my husband was following the car I was in. My husband was in a black van with his pilot crew. I was in a bright green car station wagon full of woman.. and all the other cars were dark blue in color. (I will explain the colors later and what they represent)

Cars began to wreck into one another. My husband told his driver to stop immediately. He said my car had hit a guard rail and was spinning and he had this urge to run to me quickly to make sure I was okay. He said as he was running to my car a force hit him and his body hit the protective/ sound barrier wall you sometimes see on highways. The wall was high. He said and angel of the Lord came and pulled him up off the ground where he landed and started to pull him upward! He said I was also being pulled up at the same time!!!


My husband literally saw what it’s going to be like when the rapture happens on the highways and roads! When we are raptured the wreckage will be horrible. Black van.. the color black stands for judgement against sin. The green car I was in.. green means immortality aka or immortal bodies. Green also means resurrection in the spring!! Now the wall my husband landed up against stood for security and safety. When the rapture occurs it will be security and safety for those of us who are believers. And all the other cars were dark blue.. this represented those who did not go in the rapture. Blue is also associated with physical punishment (most precisely ‘blueness’ caused by bruising), which cleanses the evil as well as brings an inner sense of sin according to Proverbs 20:30! The left behind will receive a physical punishment and they will to go through tribulation.

Y’all between my husband and I have had 4 rapture dreams in the past year alone! The Holy Spirit is showing us Jesus is coming soon. Please repent and ask Jesus to be the Lord over your life! He is coming!! As always take dreams and interpretations of our dreams before the Lord!

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  1. Ruger

    The Rapture was created by the Catholic Church to give a false sense of security.

  2. Paul Morgan

    Melissa – READ YOUR BIBLE




  3. Derek


    That is hilarious. The last religion you will hear say there is a rapture is the catholic church. Try John Nelson Darby as a the main purveyor of this false theory.


  4. Deanna


    I’m Catholic. Went through 12 years of Catholic school. I never heard of the rapture until I read the first and only book of the Left Behind series. I was probably 40 years old at the time. I’m not sure why you would say that the Catholic Church created the rapture since you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

  5. trisha

    This issue is very disturbing to me…I read matt 24 when it talks about after the tribulations of those days, sun,moon and stars…then Jesus coming and the harvest of the earth. Also rev 6 aka 6th seal with sun,moon and stars, the last trumpet of rev. also the talk between martha and jesus, where martha said she would see her broter again…on the last day…

    Yet in i think is look and matthew it says…when these things START to happen, lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh

    also in rev 3:10…because of your patience I will keep you out of the ‘hour of temptation’

    So is rev 3:10 meaning thru it or from it? I need the greek translation of the words ‘out of’…but I’m too sick at present to research it.

    I also heard in Spirit recently…6th seal, watch for the ‘sign’…the emphasis being ‘sign’. I definitely don’t know what that means tho!

    Also recently an image of kitchen scissors amd the word ‘sharp scissors’ falling from the sky then stopped mid-air/suspended. It’s blades were apart at first but the closed??? ( the scissors looked brand new too) Never did get understanding to what it meant but somehow fits in with the 6th seal stuff too somehow.

    ‘4 horsemen’ and the ‘persecution of the saints’ globally have been going on since 2019, and the word ‘convergence’ too.

    Encouragement tho…saw the heavenly wedding banquet hall in heaven recently! It was empty but full of sunshine and very brightly lit up. Very pretty too.

    Been sick since last dec of 2019. Then for a short while ..not so bad…then for the past few weeksto a month, there about…. been having all over the head headaches daily, and with pressure, inner earaches in both ears, stiff neck, chills,fatigue and diarrhea daily too. And since being sick all the time my sugar is really up too. I’m diabetic as well. Think I got something after having the infection in my foot and eye problem last dec. Was sick afterwards for 2 months with, chills and sweats, nausea, no appetite, fatigued all the time,constant headaches, earaches,chills and sweats alternating. Went for blood work and my sugar is way up, there’s high protein in my urine and high ALT but doctor never did get back to me with what those blood tests mean. I just leave it in G_d and Jesus’s hands and keep at my calling when led, and watch… but I am soo sick physically and overwhelmed (lamentations anyone!) by what I am seeing going on in this world right now….. no fear tho…just onerwhelmed. I’m very tired/exhausted and weary. So definitely in need of prayers please.

    Also before the wu flu…. hit I heard the words ‘plague’ and ‘catalyst ‘aka tipping point, coming to a head for 2020….but this year will be very much like last year too which was extreme bizarre weather, quakes, volcanoes, unrest globally, shaky economy(global slowdown), polarity etc….so another very chaotic and long year! But this time a ‘catalyst’ Last year I heard the word in Spirit ‘long year’. It feels like a roller coaster lately! I am feeling a bit off spirituslly the last few days too and a ‘big uneasiness’ too… I don’t like that feeling at all…it’s like a strong foreboding feeling and the last time I felt that was before that sumatra quake/tsunami hit. At that time I saw many, many faces in the fire! Lots of death there!

    My take ,get right with Jesus and G_d, just in case!


  6. Ruger

    Again, you may want to actually study the subject then insult people. 1830 Margret Macdonald is where one may wish to start if they want to be enlightened to the truth.

  7. Deanna

    Obviously something changed from 1830 to 1965 because I never heard of the rapture in 12 years of schooling with religion class every single day. I didn’t read what you said, didn’t even look it up but perhaps if it’s true you could have said started by “a” Catholic then denounced by the Catholic religion then taken on by other denominations. Or maybe you should have looked up Catholic religion before you posted.

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