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April 1, 2022 11:15 PM
Mark Ed

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

About 20 years ago I had a dream that changed my life because it was so real. This dream was focused living in the city. So At dusk the city lights lit up the clouds still at dusk. I have move away from the coast and bought acreage inland fairly high up. Still flat but high enough. Ok here go’s.

One night I was standing in my small back yard of a flat I was living in and just looking up at dusk. This is the dream but not reality because I was sleeping at the time. The sky was black but the clouds towards the west and about were lit up by the almost gone sunset. Suddenly I saw a planet of in the distance but visible by the naked eye. The planet was small but clear with 3 other even smaller planets with it. It was weird. Then after that I looked to the left, a small man in the cloud. Just visible but then I realised it was the Lord. Supprizingly I didn’t hear a trumpet. Then I thought this is it.Time to go already? Then I felt myself starting to rise and all these things at the same time.Its to to go. As I rose it was slow to about 15 ft. Then I started to really accelerate. Within seconds I saw Jesus and I ask him No AC,No 3rd Temple? Everything appearing normal. He said it’s the time. Exact words can’t remember. But I knew one thing if it happened back then I would have missed the rapture. The dream was so real and I thought I was living it until it ended with Jesus. At that point he looked as if he was going to move to a another region. Then it was it.

I don’t get dreams and visions hardly but this wasn’t natural. I seeked God about the Scriptures of this Dream. He gave me Luke 17v26-37. This passage is one of the best rapture scriptures in the Bible apart from Pauls 1Thess 4 v15-18.Not many people really know that the Luke scripture is there.I briefly run it down.It was Jesus himself speaking.He asked what is it going to be like when the son of man return’s?He shares Noah’s and Lots stories.Jesus pointed out in both true accounts of what happened in both cases everything was normal.People getting married and houses being built until Noah went into the Ark and Lot left Sodom.Jesus said destruction came after deliverence.Jesus was very clear on that fact.Jesus spoke about when he comes, be ready to go and not worry about things.He said there will be people sleeping and one taken and other left and people working one taken other left.Jesus said right at the end of scripture when will this take place when we see vultures circling in the sky.That means signs everywhere.Maybe it is that I saw Planet X and it’s system people will be aware and know something is big is about to happen.

All I know is that the Rapture is very soon and we have to believe before we are to go.Unbelief is a dark shady stain on our wedding gowns.There have been thousands of dreams similar but different but they all say the same thing.Rapture before destruction.When I think think is going to happen.I am only summizing here.We will see some Judgements because God has already said so through his prophets.But it’s definitely before the Wrath of God.

One thing I haven’t worked out yet after all this time is that all the Rapture is that it’s a Hebrew Wedding.I won’t go into too much but the Earthly wedding celebrations last for seven days and the heavenly wedding 7 years.Both weddings are the same.The Father of the Son controls everything and the son doesn’t know till that day when.He is then told to get his bride.Its also held at the father’s house.Sound similar.So I don’t know when and how that will all come together.

So what the Lord has shown me is that we have to be ready at all times just to go.We have to put on his armour on.He is looking for his rightousness.Ours is witchcraft basically.Our truth is just junk we need his and so on.We have to be ready at all times even though the rapture could be delayed.So what.We seek and learn and be armoured up and sealed with his blood and our prayers signed in his name.We are not pure by our good works.Its about faith and putting away sin daily.

One last thing if we do miss the rapture because some stupid reason it’s not over for us..We have to encourage each other that we have to lay our lives down and we will be hunted down and put to death.We must trust God.The prophets have said that he will take us before the blade and Bullit hits.We must believe that.The real biggie is that people who die for not taking the MOTB will be resurrected at the end of the tribulation period.Rev 20 v 4.Second half of that verse.They will be the same as the raptured people who will have a body that’s new and it’s spiritual and physical.We will look the same as in our best days on earth.So if we encourage one and another we will be ok.Its not all over after the Rapture.Scriptures prove this.God Bless…….

Mark Ed


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