Rapid Downward Spiral – Victoria Ang

Rapid Downward Spiral

Victoria Ang

I was woken at 5AM to pray! It is around the usual time I am woken to pray! After praying I received a vision

This morning I had a vision of a toilet bowl flushing and observing how fast the water gushed and swept away ! …..It means Things are happening very rapidly. And are rapidly taking a downward turn !And the Lord will be removing some of the waste and filth from the land!

I also heard the Lord say

“ Walk by Faith not by sight”!

Brothers and sisters many are going on what they see in the natural but we must stay and keep focused on the Lord and what he has promised and shared with us! Do not let the deception of the enemy steal your joy nor Gods promises to you! Let us keep our focus on only the Lord! He is FAITHFUL!!


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