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Rainbow Skies (Aurora) – Sammy Omosh

Rainbow Skies (Aurora)

Nov 22, 2019, 12:30 PM
Sammy Omosh

On 20th November 2019, i had a short dream. In the scene i looked  up in the sky and saw rainbow colours displayed in a spectacular manner.-it was simply awesome and breathtaking. I do believe this will be seen globally and this dream is also related to the arrival of Nibiru (posted on 5th Nov19)

Joel 2:1-2, and Amos 8:9.

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  1. Theresa


  2. Alida

    Quite a few words have gone out about this, it’s going to be BIG !

  3. bert

    Someone (Sister Linda Courtney and/or Sister Kerry Ann Gidden, I think) stated the extremely colorful aurora would be the “sign” preceding the three days of darkness. I think.

  4. trisha

    I recently read that they are now seeing purple in the auroras. Also now red auroras too.



    Aurora Colored From Top to Bottom
    You can see a solid-colored aurora, but it’s possible to get a rainbow-like effect through the bands. Scattered light from the sun can impart a violet or purple to the top of an aurora. Next, there may be red light atop a green or yellow-green band. There may be blue with the green or below it. The base of the aurora may be pink.snip…

    Black Aurora
    Sometimes there are black bands in an aurora. The black region can have structure and block out starlight, so they appear to have substance. The black aurora most likely results from electric fields in the upper atmosphere that prevent electrons from interacting with gases.



    Why the rare ‘blood aurora’ inspires awe – and foreboding
    Fortitude Series 2 opened with a sinister and spectacular ‘blood aurora’. So what is it, and why has it long been considered a bad omen?

    Dr Melanie Windridge
    Thu 2 Feb 2017 12.12

    The red glow in the sky grew and lengthened, the lower edge twisting into a bright band against the darkness. Slowly the colours rippled and broke and reappeared elsewhere. Pillars of red streaked down from above like blood dripping from the heavens. The aurora borealis had made an appearance in rare and spectacular form: the blood aurora.

    So opened series two of Fortitude last week, a popular TV series set in a fictional town in Arctic Norway. But a red aurora is a real and spectacular scientific phenomenon, and one steeped in mythology. snip…

    On these occasions, the aurora will likely be seen red in these lower latitude locations. Viewers will be looking north and seeing the top of the auroral curtain with the green lower part obscured by the surface of the Earth.

    Many historical writings on the northern lights seen at temperate latitudes describe some sense of foreboding or see the display as a portent or warning, usually with a military significance. This may be due to their colour as well as the rarity of the sight.

    Being redder in colour, lower-latitude aurorae were sometimes mistaken for fire, or seen as representing blood in the sky. Rayed structure was often reminiscent of military spears; arcs and curves were fiery dragons. Aurorae are said to have foretold the death of Julius Caesar (44 BCE) and presaged the American Civil War (1860), so for millennia the appearance of a red aurora was interpreted as a bad omen. snip…

  5. The one I saw was a very beautiful purple aurora.

    I saw it in the sky and after that the sky was split into two and I saw a group of stars clustered together, I saw something like a walk way leading to the Eastern part of the sky, and then I saw a very little star, blurred not bright coming from the eastern sky.

    As I looked, the star was drawing nearer, and nearer, and then it was becoming bigger and brighter, it was a bright star.

    Then I said in an enthusiastic tone ” is that the day star arising “?

    Then we all started jumping and singing, we knew that that meant the coming of Jesus Christ.

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