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Nibiru brings the 3 Dark Days – Sammy Omosh

Nibiru brings the 3 Dark Days

Nov 6, 2019, 9:16 AM
Sammy Omosh

On 5th November 2019 in a dream.

I looked up in the sky and saw a comet shooting across the sky. I said, ‘It is planet Nibiru and will bring the 3dark days.’  The  comet travelled at tremendous speed and I woke up to find it’s 3:40am.


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  1. Kenneth Heck

    I personally do not believe a planet called “Nibiru” actually exists. Nibiru was part of Sumerian mythology recently popularized by Zechariah Sitchin. Show me a scripture or dream or vision where Christ speaks the word “Nibiru.”

    The comet Sammy saw is quite biblical and is supported by many similar dreams and visions on youtube and other websites like this one.

  2. Mark N

    Please go to planet7x.net click on the dropbox to learn about Nibiru passing through earth’s orbit once every 300 years plus or minus. Gill Broussard is the world’s expert on this planet and its travels, and backs it up physically and scripturally.

  3. Karen Gutterman

    My dream was the destroyer is the purifier. I do believe in Nibiru and if that was what you were given then that is the one that will be the destroyer.

  4. Kenneth Heck

    Mark N – unfortunately, the dropbox link to planet 7x isn’t working.

    However, if anyone is openminded, you can go to http://theheckhypothesis.com/downloads.html to download my free ebook concerning comet and/or asteroid strikes predicted by the Bible, crop circles, and personal prophecies. This work is completely original, not based on prior thinking. It will be a welcome addition to your library.

    Cordially in Christ,

    Kenneth Heck

  5. Mark N

    Sorry, it is under google drive download. It has changed since I last visited. Click on a box and you will see the diagrams back through time.

  6. Dear Sammy & Kennith, & any who may still doubt the existence of Nibiru, Planet X, & all the fiery comets & asteroids coming, & a host of other phenomena such as alien beings, fallen angels, giants, etc., I will share a bit of my own personal experience here, the rest you probably wouldn’t believe, even if you can believe this much. Try to keep an open mind with the things of the Lord’s creation, for I love His Word that says- “YOU KNOW NOTHING AS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW.” About 10 years ago I discovered our entire universe is only one of many others, in case you need humbling. One day the Lord took me to Alpha Centauri for a look around, & to plant some seeds there. It’s a true fact, tho I’ve never found a story in the bible to directly verify it, yet? Just realize that the bible is merely a small spec of the living Word of God, not the encyclopedia of everything heaven does. Always remember that holy Spirit is our final authority on everything, & the bible is our guide, like a finger pointing to JESUS. On our way back from Alpha Centauri, my angel allowed me to take a slight detour to fly (free hand) thru the center of a fiery asteroid that was probably traveling at many thousands of miles per second, just guessing? I was allowed to inspect it’s structure & see how it’s molten body was formed. Along our return trip back to earth, again I was allowed to stop & watch a well known TV prophet instructing his class of ‘flight students’ who were learning to fly in the spirit realm, however without the Lord’s permission. I was told to pray for them, after returning to earth, so I wrote the prophet who I saw out there, letting him know I saw him & holy Spirit verified his name to me, (tho I recognized his face from TV) & was curious as to what he was doing out there? He wrote back, asking me not to reveal what I saw to anyone. People say Alpha Centauri is 4.3 light years away, yet my trip happened while in abiding rest on my couch in about 3 hours of very deep sleep. I also know that the fiery comet you saw might be the same one identified as Nibiru, if it was in the red color range? And yes, a heavenly body that impacts the earth, (also known as Efrain’s asteroid) does usher in the 3 Days of Darkness, & our skies will turn red the day before impact. (For more info on this event, please see Efrain Rodriguez’s prophecies on the asteroid to strike near Puerto Rico soon.) There is a Nibiru, & also a Planet X, among many other names, all different bodies, & Planet X is very close to earth now & will soon usher in a host of heavenly bodies thru our skies, for your viewing pleasure. And don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions about Zechariah Sitchin’s work. The Lord has revealed some shocking things about the age of the earth & prior civilizations to those who can believe it, far beyond your wildest dreams. But to those who believe we’ve only been here about 6,000 years, you’re right too. For your own safety, no personal opinions allowed in this area, so be careful to verify with the holy Spirit, & by those who have Spirit-led testimonies & first-hand eye-witness experiences. rick

  7. Kenneth Heck

    I have taken a look at Broussard’s free pdf . He uses the name planet 7x to distinguish himself from those believing in the popular characteristics of Nibiru such as the 3,600 year orbit. He says that no matter what people call this object, it is actually planet 7x and presently has an orbit of between 316 -324 years. However, in the past the orbit was 402 years before temporarily changing to 241 years on average.

    Broussard’s association of the great events of history since the time of Cain with one cosmic body orbiting the sun does seem highly unlikely. With each orbit this object would lose appreciable mass to the earth, and likely the sun also, so its effect on earth would significantly diminish with each encounter.

    There is no doubt that Rev 8:5-12 describes the effects of one or more comet or asteroid strikes in the future.

  8. Kenneth Heck

    I have looked at Gil Broussard’s pdf. He disassociates himself from those who believe in Nibiru’s popular characteristics such as the 3,600 year orbit by using the name Planet 7X. Accordings to him this object has an orbit of between 316-324 years, but in the past is was 402 years, then 241 years on average.

    Broussard’s association of the great events of history since the time of Cain with a single cosmic body does seem highly unlikely. With each encounter with the earth, the “planet” would lose appreciable mass (in addition to what might be lost at its close approach to the sun), thus diminishing its potential effect on earth over time. Also, the orbit would decrease over time since the lost mass would cause the body to orbit nearer and nearer to the sun.

    There is no doubt that that Rev 8: 5-12 describes the effects of one or more asteroid/comet strikes in the future.

  9. Nettie

    It may be worth your time to watch the video’s on the channel called The Final Days. A Christian woman who has done this for years. They persecuted her, so she stopped, but then God called her to start up again. She looks at satelite images from especially Alaska and Canada, and show all the different celestial objests already in our skies. The evidence seems really irrefutable. She discuss the scientific facts around it like how they use technology to hide it, its orbits, whether its coming closer or already in orbit, etc.

  10. Kevin M.

    Yes, The Final Days has many actual images of multiple planets in our sky, including a very red one, so it is already here and visible, more so from the poles. So clearly the government must know, but as the narrator says, “they don’t want us to know how close we, and they, are to the end times”. It is not clear how this is connected to any past visits, the prophecied asteroid strike, or the prophecied “fireball” storm. The Lord has also been speaking about the approach of this red planet, and many other coming phenomena, through many messengers.

  11. Linda L Courtney

    I thank everyone who does acknowledge the true existence of the so called Planet X. I was given a long Prophecy the last day of March 2019, which told of the arrival of Planet X and the consequences. I DO believe this is truth from Gods Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. The video is under my name Linda Courtney
    “Urgent Details on Three Days of Darkness”

  12. Christa

    I just had a similar dream three nights ago, everything went black. I watched as multiple balls of fire struck the earth. God showed me alone, In a boat floating above the 3 rivers in Pgh. Then it began to rain, but this was not rain it was still destroying everything. Then the balls of fire returned, I awoke to St Padre Pio prayer books and medallions in my home and the number 333 being told and shown to me over and over.

  13. Kokomo

    To Kenneth Heck. It’s not called Mibiru in Scripture it’s called WORMWOOD!

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