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Rachel Weeps in the Darkness – Vicki Goforth Parnell

Massacre of the Innocents Painting by Luca Giordano (1635-1705)
Public Domain

Rachel Weeps in the Darkness

January 20, 2023
Vicki Goforth Parnell

1-16-23 @ 3:46pm

I was praying and interceding when these words came forth from my lovely Jesus:

A birthing has occurred. A birthing. A birthing before the pains. Howl, weep and wail oh Sinner man. Oh, Sinner woman. Backslidden child of mine. Judgment finds you this night that is day for you in my calendar of time. This appointed day of tomorrow has come. It has come.

The time of Rachel’s weeping to be heard across your world is this appointed day of tomorrow. Rachel shall weep once within a wheel within a wheel of time within time. Rachel weeps once. A second time is soon to follow. A time of testing. A time of trying.

Did I not warn you oh, world? Did I not say trying and testing? This appointed time is here… Is tomorrow… Is tomorrow’s day as darkness descends beginning with my display of lights of dancing colors for all to see and behold.

This is not a fable. This is not a joke. I speak no idle words or foolishness. Why are you so shocked my children, that I would use the darkness of pharaoh’s day upon you when I change not? There is no new thing, no new occurrence under my sun. My sun. My earth. My souls. My creation. I created it all in love. My love is an unending and everlasting.

Every plague listed both known and unknown is at my disposal. Every “new” virus or weapon created all originates from something I first created for I am the only one who speaks and creation occurs. Man, satan must have part of my original building blocks before he can create and yet you still choose to chase after the created and call it God instead of me.

The time of Rachel’s weeping is now! As the darkness descends and settles fully upon your world, I shall send forth my angels to gather those still innocent of mind. Meaning those who have as yet have fully learned and understood the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. If you are truly mine, then you will understand the innocent of mind are not called to endure the outer darkness that can be felt because it’s alive.

This day, this tomorrow’s day will be an eye opener to many who love me yet have unrepentant sin in your lives when you discover your electrical power has gone off and many scramble to find a candle before the darkness can settle any further into their homes.

I say now my children, Get the sin out now before the darkness descends! Get it out before I return! Let go of your foolish pride, your hurts that allow you to cling so desperately to anger, resentment and bitterness. These are sin children. Castaway doubt and unbelief. These are sin too.

This night, this day of tomorrow’s day I begin moving my great hand of darkness. Tomorrow’s day children. Tomorrow’s day for three days of time within time the darkness descends and remains. Time within time. A wheel within a wheel.

For those who are still physically here when the darkness ascends with some sanity still remaining in some… full cognitive ability in others I say, prepare for war! The three days of darkness and war upon Babylon, war for the world are intertwined. I say they are connected!

The darkness falls in an act of mercy and love. An answered prayer for many of my children who have been crying out for the lost. The three days of darkness and war are two judgments inside of one. Each linked so that when one is completed the other shall commence.

What say ye my wayward children? Will you repent now?

What say you Sinner man, Sinner woman, Sinner child? Will you turn to me now before it’s too late?
Come to me! Come to me! My arms are wide open. My hands are extended out to you. Come to me and let me wash the sin stains off your souls. Do it now! Come while you can for, I say a great shaking is to occur upon your world like never seen before.
My hand is stirring, stirring your earth! The ground beneath your feet! The Ocean’s deep! The earth is groaning from the weight of man’s sins. Soon she will not be able to bear it as she rumbles and groans then splits wide open from designated place upon place. Still for the judgment coming in this “now” season of now you are in.

Tribulation’s days have begun. My two witnesses are now fully here possessing my holy anointing like no other have ever possessed. Voices crying in the wind. They are here! They are emerging from my protective hand protecting their identities. For it is not only the anointing to call down fire and all plagues they possess.

They are humble hearted servants who refuse and will always refuse to bend the knee to anyone but me Jesus, Son of the living God. Many have seen them as men of old in sackcloth and ashes in dreams and visions but I say again it is the anointing of the prophets upon them as well as that which is mine through my Spirit which gives my 2 olive branches, my candlesticks the ability to withstand satan, antichrist and the whole world who will strive against them until their appointed time is up.

Those that have ears to hear my truth, eyes to see what the Spirit is made known shall soon have more understanding pertaining to my chosen two. Humble hearts they are. Warriors of faith. They have arrived fully into their position having received the anointing necessary to the fulfilling of this call upon each’s life.

Three days of darkness comes. Rachel will weep for her children. It will be but a moment for my true children who understand they will now be with me. But it’s weeping and wailing for those whose hearts are not ready as I remove their innocent from this evil world.

A dividing, that which I have spoken about for much of your recent time is now evident to each heart. More so as the darkness descends, and the true condition of your soul can be seen for my children by whether they have their electrical power or whether they are found to have candlelight.
Tomorrow’s today is here. It starts at now on tomorrow’s today. Seek me for your understanding of all these things and quit seeking all your answers from another. I will speak to each heart directly for what way is best for their understanding if and when they fully seek me.

Pray to the Father in my name. Go to my holy word of truth and truth, only pure truth you shall find. But remember my word confirms itself. I am the way, the truth and the life.

My true hearted children this is the time to shine like never before. Reach all those that are placed before you. Share my blessed hope. My gift of salvation. If they receive it, then rejoice with them. If they do not, then know it’s their choice. If you are obedient to how I lead you, then know this is all I ask of you. Let go and remember it is their choice.
I’m coming children! I’m coming and before the first weapon of mass nuclear destruction strikes your ground of Babylon…know this is to all my children worldwide, I will have already returned for you. Only Father knows the precise moment of time when I shall be given the command to go get my children. To come for you. But it is the season of this time of now!

So, keep watch because I am coming and it’s any time before these weapons fall upon Babylon who was once called America, but no more by me and hits their soil.


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