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Questions – Jonathan Theiben

Jonathan Theiben

September 8, 2016

Warnings have gone out.
Did you listen?

Time was given to get house in order.
Did you use it wisely?

Prayer and obedience are vital.
You doing it?

His sheep hear His voice.
Can you hear?

Prophecy is being fulfilled.
Are you aware?

You are His light.
Are you shining?

You are persecuted for Him.
Have you bore it?

You have armor.
Do you use it?

He gave you all you have.
Do you thank Him?

He is worthy of worship & praise.
Do you give Him that?

He baptize with Holy Spirit & Fire.
Have you received?

He loves you soo much.
Do you love him back?

He died for you.
Will you die for Him?

The four horses are riding.
Can you hear the hoof beats?

Jesus is coming.
Are you rapture ready?

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