Come Closer Still – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Come Closer Still

May 2, 2024 1:14 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel


Come. Come. Come closer still. It is time for intimacy. It is time for MY Chose Ones. Come forth and be numbered. Come forth and be named. This will be a roll call like no other.

The enemy trembles and quakes! He is in sheer terror at The Day, the day I have called forth. All his plans, his carefully, craftily, pain-staking efforts for millennia– you have no idea the work he put in–Watch it crumble! He will be left a broken kingdom. A shattered and mangled kingdom to rule over his scant few years, his allotted years spoken of in MY Holy AND RIGHTEOUS WORD, for every word I have spoken is true. It is YES and AMEN.

Watch, for you will be granted to see much of the dismantling. I give you, MY Bride, this special honor, for you will be granted, chosen, and purposed to participate in this dismantling, this destruction of all he has builded up.

Tear it down in MY NAME, True Church of GOD!

Crash it down in MY Glory, for MY glorious anointing destroys evil and its craftiness. The Snake’s underbelly has been exposed. He is weak in the face of MY NAME. He is limp before MY WORD and MY POWER. He is nothing before ME, nor can he accomplish anything before MY Bride, whose hearts are given over fully to ME and MY ways. Take heart, Bride, you are about to be set free!


Trample, MY joyous ones! Delight in MY work! MY work is to save men’s souls, to set them free, to make a new creation. I am not finished with this work yet. Even so, when you go forth at MY spoken command, MY work will take on new wings. For now, come. Come. Come nearer to ME still.”

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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