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Putin / Missing Ships Dream – Jeff Andrews


Putin / Missing Ships Dream

April 4, 2022 10:41 PM
Jeff Andrews

Friday 11 March, 2022 I had a dream I believe from the Lord – I was camping in the back yard of our house with my nephews, brother and father. The setting of the dream was historical, my father died some few years ago. One of the nephews was playing up and would not settle, I was attempting to get him into his sleeping bag and asleep when I noticed my father holding at arms length a toddler, who I initially believed was my youngest nephew. My father had placed him outside the gate – I left the task of trying to settle my other nephew and rushed over to Dad and this toddler, chastising Dad for what appeared to be an act of neglect. I picked the toddler up, but it wasn’t my youngest nephew at all – this toddler had President Putin’s face. I woke up immediately.

I was unable to determine the meaning, or the purpose of the dream despite prayer. Over the course of the week it became clear that the age of my nephews depicted in the dream, and my fathers presence hinted to a potential clue. I estimate the year the dream was set was 2016. I looked up the significance of the year to Putin which included war in Syria, and interference (Cyber activity) in the lead-up to the US Presidential elections. I still don’t fully understand the significance of the dream but sought to pray on it for the next week or so, seeking clarity and amplification from the Lord as to it’s meaning.

About a week later I received another dream – this time I was in a huge military headquarters building. I was attending a briefing been given to a British Admiral on why ships were suddenly disappearing on the worlds oceans. Somehow I knew this Admiral had something to do with submarines. We were looking at an enormous tv screen that seemed to give a real time view of a large body of water (not sure which) but we could see radar images of ships literally disappearing as we watched. I was not made aware the reasons for the ships disappearing. Still largely perplexed at the nature of the dreams, a few nights later I received a vision of the same British Admiral.

Forwarded for your information – but as always, seek Gods discernment.

Jeff Andrews

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