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Putin as an Agent of God’s Judgement

March 9, 2021 9:30 AM

September 20, 2020

In a dream vision in the Spirit, I saw Russian President Vladimir Putin at home asleep and dreaming in his bed. I was taken into his mind for a short while.

In his dream, for some reason, Putin unexpectedly found a woman lying next to him who had never been there before. This woman was not attractive, but not ugly. In fact, she was in advanced middle age and overweight. What surprised him even more, was that he somehow knew that this woman was not Russian, but American! Not realizing he was dreaming, he wondered how an American woman had gotten past his security and into his bed, and why she would be lying beside him.

As if to answer his questions, the woman suddenly opened her mouth to speak. In a stern voice, and with great authority, she announced, “You are to be an agent of God’s judgement of America!” Then she said no more.

Not yet realizing he was dreaming, Putin considered this strangely developing situation. What irony! Here was a woman who was telling him that God Himself was not only allowing him, but practically ordering him, to destroy her own country.

When he awoke, Putin wondered if an angel of God in disguise had visited him to give him a message and instructions. A seed was planted in his mind that he was sanctioned by God to destroy America.


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