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Protected as storm gathers around us – Victoria Ang

Protected as storm gathers around us

Feb 14, 2020
Victoria Ang

Last evening in the wee hours of the morning I was woken as usual to pray and spend my quite time with the Lord. As he was embracing me I was given a vision .

In this vision I was hugging the Lord. But as I was hugging him I saw a “ huge storm stirring up and coming right towards where we where standing. I pressed in closer to him. He had a white robe on but the sleeves where like bell sleeves and they seemed to wrap around me keeping me covered. The winds really started to blow very very hard and the Lord put his head down towards mine. As if keeping my own head protected as he embraced me. And the

vision ended .

Interpretation :

This vision really speaks for itself but I will share that we all need to press in ever so close to the Lord to keep us safe and protected as the “ storms” get stronger all around us!

I had fallen asleep after awhile ,and was given a dream. I am sharing the dream because I am requesting you all ,to join me in prayer for this person ……but first let me share that several months ago I was given a dream about this same person that has prophecies and functioning in the prophetic realm. And is fairly well known. And has a following. I really have no interaction with this individual. But was given a dream several months ago that a spell was cast on this individual by witches causing confusion. I went into immediate spiritual warfare for this individual and tried to reach out and warn. However what I shared was not received and denied by the individual. So I just continued to pray for the person.

Several months have gone by and I have had no interaction at all with this person. But was given another dream from the Lord last night about this same person.I do not know what has been occurring , but it does not matter because the Lord knows!!………

In the dream I was standing watching this person talk on the phone. (Like the old style phones in ones home)But as I watched the person started to lick the mouth piece with their tongue. All over the mouthpiece. As I stood watching in the dream I saw false nails start to grown on the persons fingers. And again the person started to lick the fingernails like one would a lollipop.

The scene changed and we were standing in front of a rope line that was strung across from one end to the other. I was standing on the far side. And the individual was standing in the middle on the same side of the rope line as I was standing.Where I was standing the rope line was as tall as myself in height. And the other areas of the line were ,like you would see in a limbo setup.The person started to bend down lower and lower like a limbo dance to go under the rope. But I said” No come this way where the rope is higher and you can get through much easier. The person ignored me and kept going lower to cross under the line and finally got to the other side.Almost in a crawling position .I also saw an unknown person kept pointing to the other persons belly.( The prophet persons belly )And pressing downward. And the dream ended.

Interpretation :

Filthy things and false truths are being spread from this (prophetic person). And are increasing in size.And being spread and shared with others that are NOT of God.

The line has been crossed in going the WRONG direction and not listening to and ignoring the correct way and direction to go.That the Lord has been sharing through others.The person is sinking further and further down the wrong path. Going their own way. Not that of Gods. And this person is about to loose the “ birth” “ anointing” God has placed on their life! And unless the person gets on their knees in prayer and repents they will loose Gods blessings.

PLEASE join me in prayer for this individual. The Lord knows their name! Thank you for helping pray! There is POWER in prayer as we join forces! God bless


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