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PROPHETIC WARNING: The locust IS the storm! – Elizabeth Marie


PROPHETIC WARNING: The locust IS the storm!

July 23, 2021 10:36 AM
Elizabeth Marie

This message is for those who have ‘ears to hear,’ and ‘eyes to see!’ In other-words, it is spiritual in nature, and is only FULLY discerned by the help of the HOLY SPIRIT.


MESSAGE received while praying on 6/16/21:


“This it the season to draw near to ME through devotion and fasting. There is a window of time that I am giving for MY saints to draw even closer to ME. Some did so during the ‘lock-down,’ but many squandered that time for themselves.


Soon the floods will come, and you will not have time to cultivate a closer relationship with ME…..THE STORM IS ALMOST UPON YOU…it is in the distance.


The black clouds are gathering, and growing thicker and thicker. This is the evil that is on the horizon, waiting to get a foothold into your life. Its darkness will overcome many…..many who call themselves mine.


Pray to escape this darkness, and to be brought into the light of MY kingdom.”


(I then asked the LORD what this ‘darkness’ was? And I heard:)


“The beasts have come, and they are starting to devour everything in their path. They are are the locust that consume with destruction. Nothing will be untouched in their path. (Joel 1:4) This destruction comes from all directions and there is no escaping it except through ME.


I will hide those who are devoted to ME. Though they will affected, they will not be destroyed.


I watch over MY own and there will be victory over the enemy! (Psalms 98:1)


Suffering will come, but so will MY GRACE!


MY sufficiency shall be enough for those who call out MY NAME. (2 Corinthians 12:9)


All who are heavy laden, call out to ME, and I will give you rest! (Matthew 11:28-29)







In the Old Testament, the locust were actual physical locusts, that represented judgment and came to devour the land…… like in the 10 Plagues of Egypt.


In the END TIMES, they are also a judgment (5the Trumpet), that represent an army that is coming out of the bottomless pit. HOWEVER, these are NOT physical locusts, but spiritual in nature with human characteristics. They come WITH POWER to torture those who do NOT have the SEAL OF GOD on THEIR FOREHEADS. They come to inflict POISON STINGS, like scorpions, the ungodly and wicked. SEE REVELATION 9:1-11


IMPORTANT: These ‘locusts‘ have a KING over them whose name is

Abaddon (Hebrew)/Apollyon (Greek), which is the name of a prince angel who comes from the “internal regions” (bottomless pit).


The Root-word for APOLLYON means:

  • Destroyer/to destroy

  • Put out of the way entirely

  • Render useless

  • To kill

  • To declare that one must be put to earth

  • To give over to eternal misery in hell

  • To perish




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