Prophetic encouraging dream – Victoria Ang

Prophetic encouraging dream

Victoria Ang

Prophetic encouraging dream:

Last night I was in much prayer feeling discouraged because for the past year I have been in much pain with an inflammation of my sciatic nerve in my leg ,causing pain and difficulty in walking ! When this occurred it happened over night and just an attack from the enemy. But the Lord has promised a healing which has not yet occurred.

So I was given an encouraging dream that really applies to all going through different challenges in their own life…….

In the dream I found myself inside my home as a child ( represents heavenly home) There where many beautiful birds flying inside the home with various colors and I was amazed at their beauty and I could just pick them up and pet them and they were not afraid( I have asked the Lord for many animals in heaven ).
The scene changed and I found myself outside the house but again there were many wonderful animals that I knew where there meant for me to enjoy. But every time I tried to approach the animals to pet and hold them a bunch of people would step in my way trying to block me from them. So I just went around them only to keep encountering the same type of opposition . But I did not let it deter me . But kept moving around them. ( This represents things in life we encounter from the enemy that keeps us from the blessings Gods has in store for us ,as we keep our hearts and minds on him. But must keep pressing forward to receive the blessings)!
The scene changed again and I found myself walking to a destination I was made known I was to go to. But in front of me was a woman in a wheelchair. As I kept walking I noticed spokes on the wheelchair where catching on my pants and starting to get caught up on them. So I yelled “ STOP”! So I could get the spokes untangled from my pants! ( this represents the challenge I am facing with the disability of not being able to walk without pain , but really can again, be any challenge someone is going through in their personal life…. that the enemy tries to ensnare them with but must be put to a stop through prayer and seeking the Lord)

The scene changed again and I found myself back in the house . I heard someone outside the house so I went out to check to see what was occurring . I found a godly woman outside my home on my property. She had a tent that she kept moving from one place to another. I stood there puzzled because it made no sense to me at all why she would be moving this tent all around the property . ( This represents God moving in ways we do not understand but he is at work for us)

Again the scene changed and I found myself back in the house looking at a cabinet high up. I could hear there was movement up there but could not see what was going on high up in the cabinet! ( This represents God is at work for us and even if we cannot see it with our natural eyes . He truly is working behind the scenes on our behalf. We must just stay in faith. Knowing he is FAITHFUL to his promises!

The dream ended …….

The Lord is so loving and so amazing ! He keeps encouraging us all! He never said things would be easy ! Let us keep our focus on him and stay in prayer! God bless all of you and may the Lord carry us through the challenges and obstacles we face!!

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