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Prophetic dream and vision from the Lord!!! – Victoria Ang

Received by Victoria Ang

Prophetic dream and vision from the Lord!!!

I found myself standing being given a large brown box by an unknown man ( Lord).. In the dream I was made known it was a gift. I stood and. anxiously opened the box. It contained a beautiful handcrafted pure white shawl( mantle). I was in wonderment over its beauty. As I was examining the shawl my eyes were brought in for a closer look and there was a beautiful design of pink within the craftsmanship of this shawl( pink symbolizes walking in righteousness). The man gently took the shawl from my hands. I bowed my head in reverence to the Lord and he gently placed the shawl over my shoulders…. The dream was so very real it woke me up… Upon awaking I felt the most incredible presence of the Lord fill my bedroom. ….. Then I was given a vision that seemed to follow the sequence of the dream… In the vision I was standing next to the Lord with my shawl on. And I saw people coming from all different directions forming into what appeared as a military marching band. Each person went to a precise place in line. Each person appeared to know EXACTLY where they belonged in this military line. There was great organization that came very natural to this group of people. There was no talking or distractions within the group. Just a sense of calm organization and determination ! As everyone took their places a complete military line was formed. And then I heard what sounded like a huge freight train whistle blowing loud and heard the engines of the freight train loudly ! … It seemed to sound like a POWERFUL TRAIN WAS COMING FULL STEAM AHEAD! … With a shout of warning!!! And the vision ended!

This is an encouragement for those end time servants of the Lord that will be used in a mighty way! This does not apply to everyone! May God bless and continue to strengthen you for what his plans are for your lives!

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  1. LaTonya

    Was the train coming towards the army?

    • Victoria Ang

      No the army was the mighty freight train !

  2. Sorin Antohi


    Would you kindly confirm if the LORD allows the meaning of this Dream i had, thank you.


    I was placed in an Undisclosed Underground Bunker or Passage Way somewhere in the United States, with many rooms.

    I saw many boxes piled up in a heap one on top of each other – into many different rooms. The lighting was extremely hard to see and greyish.

    There were about 4 – 5 people in total who began telling me

    “What your about to see is VERY SENSATIVE, & HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, SECRETIVE & CLASSIFIED, Be Careful”.

    These boxes had no Inscriptions, Markings or Labels whatsoever, I wanted to get closer enough so I could see inside & to open one at a time…

    In the process, before doing this in comes Storming through these two doors
    Mr Barack Obama and he looks around very suspiciously.

    He asked the couple of people who were with me “DID HE SEE/ FIND ANYTHING?”

    I then proceeded to say ” No, I am but only passing through here”

    We wanted to leave that dark & eary place very quickly.

    Mr OBAMA turned around and looked at me very intently, he then folded both of his
    Two Arms and stood still, we then all left together.

    End of Dream.

    ( NOTES ) As Mr OBAMA was standing before me I can now understand that the image he portrayed looked very similar to the one of
    The King of Babylon, who the End Time Prophet Daniel had seen.

    Bro Sorin

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