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Propaganda! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Propaganda! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Posted on Oct 7, 2018

“America you are caught in a trap, a web of deception that you cannot escape from! You’ve entangled yourself in the web of deceit by the lust of your flesh. You wanted more and more; and cared less about your soul! TRUTH was your shield and buckler (Lance/Spear), but your greed caused you to be disarmed! Now you wander in a land of make believe. You drink from the fountain that has been polluted, but you care not, because you see not, your blinded by the potion of your master the devil! In a stupor you walk around thinking all is well, while your cities turn into Hell! I’ve waited for your hand to reach out for mine, but you refuse to admit the need of rescue. You have chosen your god and your guide! You’ve embraced your destiny and you will lie in the bed of your choosing. America, I would have raised you up to shine even brighter, but now your candlestick has been removed and your flame has gone out! America, where are you without Me? Who are you without Me? Darkness is a lonely place!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 17)

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