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Projected Deception – Kevin Mills

Projected Deception

SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 9:04 PM

Received September 5, 2020

I see a blue beam of light in the distance, in front of a drive-through movie theater. There’s a large, multi-story image of Jesus and he is just standing there, looking down at everybody and smiling. He has a blue aura around him. People are staring at him, some are pointing, some are kneeling, some are running away. His face flickers at times, changing. At first, it looks like it has compassion, but as the image flickers, there’s a reptilian face behind it.

You realize if you’re looking at it straight on, it looks like Jesus, but if you move around to the side of it you can clearly see the reptilian, demonic face that is behind it. Every time the demon moves, the image in front of it moves in accordance, but you only see what is behind it if you move to the side and don’t view it from the same perspective everyone else is looking at it.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15

Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

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  1. Anna

    For some reason, I do not see this as literal. It is easy to see things literally that are prophetic and not meant to be literal, however many times prophecies are both literal and figurative as well.
    The image of Christ— is not literally a man, but the communication of the image of goodness, of the best, of the divine. It is a lie and the one communicating that lie is the devil and or his minion. The lie is easily seen when you look closely at it and examine it from all sides. Be sure to look closely at thing that appear to be communicated from God. Jesus is the Word. He is the true word. The deception comes in the word that is false that comes from the devil but appears as the Word of God. Be careful, people! Pay attention. Know the word of God by studying it and this way be aware when you see a false word presented. This is how the deception will come. Through false preachers and teachers teaching another gospel. In fact there are many false teachers and preachers already. They are quickly gaining speed and growing in strength and numbers, They will lead many astray. Many have done so already. Do not give your life into their hands, they are mere men, they cannot save you with their buttery smooth teachings and passion. Their passion is more like the “passions” of antiquity—sins, lusts, greed. They will ensnare you to the destruction and damnation of your souls. Flee them like the plague. Pray for God to lead you to good preachers who are not afraid to preach the truth, though it costs them their very lives. If you cannot find any, seek God in your closet, with his Word. Find books by great teachers. GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, CH Spurgeon, St.John of Kronstadt are a few who held the truth high and bear the torch so we can see and understand the cross. If you are a beginner, start with CS Lewis. Most of his work is easy to understand.
    May God bless.

  2. Concordo plenamente. Passei uma mensagem em agosto ao 444 que não foi postada, não me quero prender aqui no porquê, confio que Deus possui os seus meios para resolver as questões.

    dia 21-08-2020
    Coloco entre () as visões ou interpretações associadas.

    “Não dá para seguir as religiões. Elas estão secas (de verdade – visão associada de uma capela a afundar-se na terra, um ovo partido com um pássaro abortado morto dentro, um pássaro bebé morto, vegetação seca por falta de água).

    Chega! Não há mais saída! Já ninguém compra 40 metros de tecido e leva somente 40 metros de tecido (não há honestidade, justiça, honra, acredito que o número 40 também é significativo nesta mensagem, porque foram 40 anos do povo a chegar a Israel, 40 dias de jejum, 40 dias de tentação de Cristo no deserto).

    É tudo lixo.”

    Levei a Deus várias vezes para confirmação, confirmou-me em diferentes visões. Continuo a ver um pássaro morto, a terra seca de alimento de Deus, Capelas abandonadas.
    Os sarcedotes de Deus cairão, são muito poucos os que andam com ele. Confiem somente no santo espírito que está em cada um de nós.

  3. Está escrito EXODO 20:4 – Mandamento de Deus – “Não farás para ti imagem de escultura, nem alguma semelhança do que há em cima nos céus, nem em baixo na terra, nem nas águas debaixo da terra”

  4. Nadine

    I am truly amazed at the power of God. For a few days now I’ve been on the internet regarding this subject. I wanted to know more about this so as to not be deceived by the enemy. It shocked me to the core.

    This is called The Blue Beam Project. Please research it. It’s a plan (by the enemy) to fool and deceive the elect regarding the Rapture. Please take it to the Lord in prayer and ask for discernment. It’s good to be aware of what’s planned for us, God’s children, rather than to be caught unaware so we can be wise to the enemy’s deceptions. I praise Jesus for His faithfulness because as I said this is the confirmation I was looking for. And today I see this! Amazing! God is so good to His children. He wants us to be prepared and never to be caught off guard. Remain in prayer.

    God Bless you all.

    • km

      Scripture says “if” it were possible, it would deceive the very elect.. Since we know the false christ (satan) comes first, we can’t be deceived..

  5. Wow! False Messiah. Thanks for sharing.

    I posted something about the false Christ that is coming.

    It is only those who are in christ that will see this deception, those who are not in hom won’t see it.

  6. The Pen

    100% LITERAL NASA Blue Beam Project!

  7. Michelle

    Yes, this is literal. I’ve had dreams of blue UFOs shooting real blue sock waves at people but a man controlled the UFO like a puppet behind the scenes. I’ve also had a dream about holograms in the sky being so real that it deceived many and it was used by governments. Then, after my dreams, I was introduced to this thing called Project BlueBeam. Apparently, technology that projects things in the sky and fakes even a second coming of Jesus. It’s a conspiracy theory but this would match my dreams.

  8. Cassandra

    As several others mentioned, yes, this is project blue beam. YHWH taught me this ahile back. Another long planned deception.

  9. daughteroftheking

    Those who truly know the King (The Body of Christ ) will not be fooled at all, not only because we know about Blue Beam Project but also because this image is not of our King

    This image is of a white man called Cesar Borgia that was installed by the false satanic catholic church. Israelites are not white with blue eyes.
    Blessings and thank you for sharing.

  10. Project Blue Beam is a “conspiracy” to fool the people of the world – but it is NOT just a theory. Such technology has been used for several years to “show” people things in the sky as well as on ground. It’s really important to stop with the “conspiracy theory” mindset, it is this very thing that will make many people write events off when they should take note of them, related to the times… The “world” (unbelievers) think of Salvation through Christ as merely a “conspiracy theory”, whereby Christians will be saved and spend eternity in Heaven, while others won’t and will instead go to hell. Frankly, they don’t see any difference between most Christians and themselves, which tragically is often true. So it’s little wonder that they would think this.

  11. daughteroftheking

    Those who know the King (The Body of Christ ) will not be fooled at all, not only because we know about Blue Beam Project but also because this image is not of our King

    This image is of a white man called Cesar Borgia that was introduced by the false satanic catholic church.long ago. Israelites are not white with blue eyes.
    Blessings and thank you for sharing.

  12. David Mehew

    There’s a minister named Maurice Sklar who had a vision of the times of the Antichrist. It’s on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” archives. He stated that he saw booths/offices at almost every town where people had to appear to choose between “Him” (Jesus name wasn’t mentioned) and the world leader. He was inside this office viewing people making their choice. He said the Antichrist was a hologram that appeared which represented this leader. Those who chose him signed over their possessions, but saved their lives. The ones who chose otherwise were shot through with a laser that killed them. If you’re a christian, you can see the ludicrous agenda of the government labeling truth as “hate speech” It will soon be illegal to hate sin.

    • Ha, David Mehew..the false teacher!

      The New Age movement, have been preparing the way for the false Christ, they specifically call him the “world teacher” he is coming to usher in a new world, and exactly as he saw in his dream, all those who would refuse to follow the false Christ and his new laws would be done away with. According to Alice Bailey.

      This is so good how God is revealing this to His people.

      Thank you lord Jesus Christ.

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