August 20, 2020 6:53 AM
Lisa B – Prayer Warrior

Romans 15:4
For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

In regards to the internet going down soon, I received some flash visions and instructions:

18th May 2020 – A hand holding a mobile phone, the person’s thumb is slowly squishing into the phone as it begins to melt.

18th May 2020 – A picture of 3 flash-drives/hard-drives with my work magazine.

22nd May 2020 – Tangled white earphones all knotted and twisted.

So the phone melting and tangled earphones is an easy interpretation. I think the flash drives mean that all my work information on my work computer needs to be backed up?

(I wasn’t sure about this one, unless I will be returning to work for a bit at a later stage?)

I received 2 flash visions last week around the 12th August 2020.

A table neatly stacked with reams of paper, all different sizes but clean and ready for printing. I felt like a lot needs to be printed.
Next, I saw a printed page next to my home computer screen and the spirit pressed upon me the word. “PRINT.’

As the Lord only awakened me less than 2 years ago, I have so much I am still learning, most importantly the bible.

This is what I have been putting together for printing so far, any other suggestions would be welcomed. I’m going to do a big printout on Sunday.
My favourite scriptures written down and where to find them

  • A calendar from now going into 2021 and 2022. (However long you want.) I have marked important events such as when to fast (Evil Halloween, Day of atonement etc). Also, prophesised months or seasons our brothers in Christ have received. I have also marked the numbers that the Lord has given me, in case they are dates.
  • A list of Jewish festivals and their dates for the next few years ahead.
  • A list of Jewish seasons and months for the year or two ahead.
  • I have searched the bible by topic and listed the associated scriptures. Some topics (Loss, fear, anxiety, joy, love, courage, boldness, repentance etc.)
  • Spiritual warfare notes and prayers. Also list of scriptures for warfare.
  • I have been making a glossary as I read and have written down definitions of strange words in the bible I would like to remember. (E.g. Orator, Dross, cubit, mote, proselyte.)
  • I have also included bible basics in the glossary and where they are in the bible. (Fruits of the spirit, The unforgiveable sin, Olivet discourse, Ten Commandments etc.) This might sound silly but to an ex-catholic we simply did not learn where anything is in the bible.
  • I printed a children’s bible study sheet that lists around 100 famous bible stories and their location in the bible.
  • I am in the process of printing off a selection of prophecies off the 444 prophecy news site. Some warnings, some encouragement, some instructions, some timelines and details of events, words to the remnant.
  • A list of post-trib scriptures.
  • A list of scriptures of the children being taken away. I thought this might be important if I am comforting and witnessing to grieved parents.
  • Transcripts from some prophets.
  • Road map of Australia where I am and surrounding states. (I bought this.)
  • A map of the USA. (For reference where all the states are positioned.)
  • A few personal favourite photos.
    Camping recipes (especially baking bread over a fire)
  • Survival instructions: How to use a wood stove, how to open a can without a can opener, how to build a shelter, how to filter water, how to siphon petrol etc, tips on growing vegetables etc, etc.
  • I am still waiting to see if the Lord wishes me to print out anything in bulk to handout to people, as I saw so much paper.

I am about halfway through this list and plan to finish this weekend before September begins. I have really procrastinated doing this, but the Lord has warned us and wants us to be prepared.

This is just what I feel I need and want in hardcopy for the months/years ahead, but ultimately as long as we have our bibles in hardcopy (or imprinted in our hearts when bibles are banned), the Lord will teach and guide us.

Print! Print! Print!

Shalom and God Bless.
Lisa B.




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