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Prepared in more than one way – Pamela Cosby


Prepared in more than one way

July 1, 2021 12:49 PM
Pamela Cosby

July 25, 2021 Dream

I dreamt that me and my husband went to a cabin to meet my cousins and some friends, it was in an isolated area with a lot of trees and we were having fun. We were all enjoying each other when I looked out the kitchen window and saw a big fire in the distance and it seemed to be moving our way.

I kept trying to warn everyone that danger was coming and pointing out the fire but everyone was carefree acknowledging the fire but not sensing the danger. I kept telling ppl there was danger and they had to prepare their things bcs we would probably have to evacuate but everyone just kept enjoying themselves.

Then the fire was near and I told everyone to get their belongings, that we needed to leave and they acknowledged but were still in their own world. As the fire became close to the house they started running around everywhere trying go get what they needed and told us that they would meet us at our cabin and would be there shortly so we could leave together. 4 of us went down to another cabin where all of our stuff was. Suddenly the area reminded me of my step-dad’s property where he owned 100 acres and had a house and some cabins (houses) for visitors to stay in so I was somewhat familiar with the immediate area where the cabins were.

I was getting all of my stuff prepared and ready in case we had to suddenly leave as the cabin we were now at was further down the road from the house. I kept warning the other 3 ppl with me to get their belongings but they were just having fun doing their own thing. Suddenly the fire was close and we all knew that we had to leave fast. The other 3 people with me started panicking and running around in circles trying to grab the stuff that they needed.

Everyone at the main house up on the hill said they would be right with us and were suddenly getting their stuff ready and running around disorderly not accomplishing their task. We knew that we couldn’t drive back up that way that we came bcs the road and the entire area was full of fire and danger. We knew that we had to leave and couldn’t wait any longer bcs the danger was too close so I grabbed all of my stuff that I had prepared and quickly put it in the car. The others quickly jumped in the car and I said where are the things that you need to bring and you don’t even have clothes. They had all been running around disorganized trying to get their stuff together almost in circles but out of their panic and disorganization and being overwhelmed they had literally nothing. They said they didn’t have time.

We knew we could not drive back the way we came so had to go forward on the road in which we did not know where it would take us. As we drove off, I kept looking back at the hill for the car full of my friends and cousins bcs they promised that they were coming they and were just hurrying to grab their belongings but they never came and the area seemed to be full of fire. They said they were coming but they never did.

I woke up and couldn’t shake the dream and didn’t understand what it meant and this is what I got.

I am very prepared and ready for what is to come and God is happy with that. I have been desperately trying to warn people for the past 5 years what is coming but everyone either thinks I am crazy or acknowledges it but it isn’t in front of them so they can’t visualize the danger coming and are unprepared bcs the fun of this world has been more important. In the end they are disorganized and they are very unprepared. For me, I have gotten myself ready and see what is coming but have not prepared myself with plan B of where to go if the route I planned on is not available. We were travelling forward but to where? We did not know the road and where it would lead, if it was a dead end, danger ahead or a way out.

In summary we need to know the area around us and have a plan B. God will guide us but we have to so our homework too.


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