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Prepare / Zombies / Aliens – Victoria

Prepare / Zombies / Aliens

February 17, 2022 5:20 AM

Dear 444 Prophecy news,

I too would like to share my visions and dreams after Mckana’s Word to share what we have been shown, and hope it may be helpful as the Lord wishes.

The first thing I would like to share is that we have been told by the Lord and fellow prophets to stock up on food and water, as we are able.

I was planning a shop online approximately in the last 2 months and was looking at various foods that would keep for a long time, when suddenly I heard very clearly in my ear: “Peanut butter.”
Peanut butter is not something I usually buy but I knew eventually that I should be obedient and buy some, whether it was for my family or to help others I am not sure, but I thought I would share this in case others may also want to get some (unless you have a peanut allergy).

I read later on that peanut butter is a good source of vitamins, magnesium, copper to help bone health, immune function, and improved heart health to name but a few benefits. I would also like to recommend canned food, and food or drinks in glass bottles seem to last a long time from what I have gathered from my research.

Also freeze dried meals can be expensive, but they can keep for a long time, whilst retaining almost all of their nutrition. Honey also lasts pretty much indefinitely, and porridge oats are a good, long-lasting food. Another possibility to add to your lists could be sturdy heavy duty bin liners and strong tape in case of radiation or other contaminants.

Second is my first ever vision, approximately August 2019.

It was the middle of the day and suddenly I had a vision. It was like looking up into the universe and it was like “black, that’s it, nothing, the end. Gone.” I knew strongly that this was for 2020. At first I didn’t understand what it meant, but as 2020 progressed with the pandemic I realised it must have been related to that – the end of times or the world as it was. It was very dark, I find it a little hard to explain, I think there may have been small bits of purple in the sky / universe

My second vision while I was awake was in December 2020.

It was regarding zombies. It was a huge swarm of people coming right at me. The person at the front closest to my face was someone I know. They looked taken over or possessed and they had their arms stretched out in front of them. They did not look natural in the face – their eye looked very white, almost like a robot. They were very dangerous and were trying to harm others – we now know it is from the jabs. I have heard from other prophets that there will be a signal that will make them change – a sound that only they will hear. I have also read from another prophet that they will morph in the blink of an eye – people could be caught unaware – it seemed to happen very suddenly and quickly in my vision.

I also shared with you previously my “Locust” dream that I received on 15th December 2021. I also have had 3 other zombie related dreams that I remember, that I would like to share.

The first one I remember was received approximately Summer 2021 (I am unsure of the exact date). It was someone I know that seemed totally fine one moment, then suddenly they began to change. They were like a zombie but a little slow (we know they will be fast and dangerous – I think it could be related to the beginning of a change). They were making questioning noises but could not speak words – almost as if they were confused as they were changing.

This person was trying to grab me – there was a hill in front of me I was trying to climb up. At the top of the hill was lush green grass and the sun was shining. As I looked behind me to where the zombie was, the sky was completely grey and leaves were swirling around in the breeze – it was bleak. I kept trying to get up this hill but sometimes I would get stuck. Meanwhile, other people were running up this hill in a panic and at the top there were cliffs on the side – all those people fell straight over the cliff edges. The zombie managed to grab my back briefly. It felt horrible when they touched me – it was like a strong electrical current or pulse going through my back which I still remember now. I managed to get to the top of the hill and then I woke up.

The second zombie dream I had was a little later on, 2021 – possibly late Summer or Autumn time. In this dream I was with other people and we were in this tower block style building with elevators and stairs. There was a group of us. Suddenly a huge swarm of zombies poured into the building – they were using the stairs to get to us and they were incredibly fast. They had grey skin (rotten), and red lines, gashes, or veins on their arms and faces. Their clothing also looked decayed, tattered, torn, and rotten. Their eyes looked very white once again. The building started crumbling away, and we had no choice but to run right to the roof, then I woke up.

My third dream was the most recent zombie dream I have had. I had this dream approximately January 2022.

I was on a bus, but the bus had a grass covered floor. There was a pole in the middle of the bus that I was holding onto. On my right side were people who had 2 jabs. They seemed normal to an extent, but they were sitting down, some were moving around a little but not standing. On my left side were people who had all the jabs and the booster. These people were lying completely still on the ground. They were laying head to head. They were covered with a sheet. They looked dead and their skin looked yellow, lined, decayed slightly. As I was looking at one of them, they suddenly opened their eyes and looked straight at me. They had the look of pure evil, almost as if they were thinking “I’m going to kill you.”
Suddenly I heard this voice which I think was the bus driver over the speakers. He started frantically and urgently shouting to me “What are you doing here! These people are contaminated! Get off the bus now! Go, go, go!” I made my way back and to the doors of the bus to exit. As I did so, someone who had 2 jabs also ran to the front of the bus in a panic when they heard the driver. They tried to get off but they went the wrong way and got stuck. I then woke up.

Another dream I had which was approximately late December 2021 or early January 2022:

I am not sure if I need to share this one – it is a little fuzzy but I thought I would share it in case the Lord would like me to. It was about B. 0bama, I have never had a dream about him before. I cannot remember a great deal, but he was there talking to me (I didn’t know what he was saying). He was smiling and seemed charming, he was trying to give me a candle for some reason. I felt like I shouldn’t be talking to him.

Then there was a large newspaper on the floor – it had satanic symbols on it and a devil’s face. I was looking at the paper but knew that I should not see it. Then I saw this huge giant in the distance and it was running, I thought to myself something along the lines of “that’s not right” but then B. 0bama pulled this thing toward him and it became a regular looking man (although his arms were a bit long and floppy), he was trying to convince me it was a regular human.

I also had a dream about an alien attack in Summer 2021. It troubled me as I did not normally ever dream about such things. I was trying to convince someone not to go to these snowy mountains as they were dangerous and we would get attacked by “aliens.” They did not believe me, which frustrated me, so I decided to go there on my own before they did, to prove to them it was dangerous. When I got to the mountain, the “aliens” appeared. They were in little flying ships and they had a laser which locked a target right on my heart. I gave up and sat there, waiting for them to shoot me, which they did.

So these are all my visions / dreams that I remember, hopefully it may help others as the Lord wishes.

Kind Regards,



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