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Prepare with not a moment to spare – daughteroftheLord

prepare with not a moment to spare

April 17, 2020 11:55 AM

Message received on 1/25/20 when I was praying about the coronavirus that had started in Wuhan, China and what’s going on with it…

My Daughter,

“There is much more going on than what you see for many plot to destroy thee. This virus that you hear of was created long ago in an underground lab below. As you know fallen angels descended upon this earth to pro-create a lineage of their own birth. So the plan is to destroy the seed of me as they want to populate the earth with a new breed. For nothing is a surprise to me and is allowed to happen as you see in order to bring the world to its knees. As the virus continues to spread and many will be counted dead, lean on me for directions on what to do, as I lead you. Seek me in the things to come and the truth will be revealed to some. Not all are awake to see the Big quake as it will divide the land in two. My daughter continue to provide all things I have said as many will be led to you for comfort and food. Many will come knocking at the door, but let me show you who to welcome in or turn away forevermore. Not all will be as they seem, for some will be sent by the enemy’s team. Daughter, time is short to finish preparations for things coming to your land for time is moving quickly as in an hourglass filled with sand. Warn my people to prepare with not a moment to spare for all things will change in the air. Cover yourself in me and you will see all attempts of the enemy flee. I am calling all of my own to be spiritually sewn in me through prayer, fasting, repentance and with the holy trinity three. Many attempts will be made to lead you astray so seek me throughout each day without delay. I AM is always (the Lord repeated is always) there to love, to guide and protect you with great care. You must lay all things down at the cross so that I can do a work in you without more time loss. My word is living and true and is being played right before you. Things will start to happen quickly in my word as my soon coming will be seen and heard all around the world.”


Your Heavenly Father

Received by: daughteroftheLord


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