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Prepare, prepare, prepare! – Daniel

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

July 10, 2020

Prepare, prepare, prepare! I see millions of microscopic worm looking diseases that look like red dragons. They have been sent from China. These are not corona viruses, but something far worse.

I see an evil plan between China’s Military and some high ranking governmental officials in the USA. President Trump has no idea this is going on and will be caught completely off guard. Pray and decree that President Trump will completely trust God and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit during these days of tribulation. This biological warfare is already in the USA. This plan is very strategic and the biological weapon is very advanced.

The biological weapon will kill millions of Americans. The biological weapon will cause severe bleeding and slow painful death. All hope will be lost and the only hope people will have available is to hope in God the Father.

I also see many spies who are carriers of this weapon who are currently in place. They will be spreading this weapon strategically in the USA.

September 2020 will see food shortages, the beginning of economic collapse and rampant fear.

“Prepare, Prepare, prepare,” says the Lord. “I am warning my children to prepare.”

This is a time for the remnant to spread the good news of faith towards Jesus, our Savior, the only true hope. Many will listen and there will be great revival along with great suffering.

He that has ears let him hear what the Spirit says to the church.”

Your Brother in The Christ, Jesus!


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