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April 8, 2021
Gwendolen Song


Auto Generated Transcript

hello brothers and sisters in christ
jesus today i want to bring forth
a new prophecy from the lord jesus
the maker of heaven and earth he is the
one who is
and the one who was and who is yet to
come amen
he is the mighty one he will never be
his breath goes before him consuming
everything in his path a fire a living
a sight for all of humanity to see
now that is the one who is sending this
message out today from this messenger
so please take this message to prayer
for confirmation
especially if you are in an area that
is more prone to flooding take this
prophecy to the lord god almighty
in prayer we have areas in the usa that
have been hit with flooding
especially the last few years the
flooding has increased in its damage
and the financial ramifications were
and are still affecting farmers here but
in this message today the lord wants to
address those
who have never had to deal with flooding
and yet
understand that flooding may very well
be coming
to you very soon yes what the lord
he has spoken to my heart to share with
you today
is that anyone who is in the business of
you must go directly to him for
there is severe flooding coming to all
parts of the usa
it is orchestrated friends it is a plan
designed by the fallen ones and their
is to usher in a great famine in the
and to diminish people’s ability to grow
their own food and this includes
as well as general farming
how could this affect you each year from
this point
going forth there will be increases in
increases in tornadoes severity of
thunderstorms severity of temperature
extremes hard hard winters
friends and very hot summers everything
is going to flip
upside down and all of this is planned
to completely collapse the usa
as we once knew it so the lord is
allowing it
he wants me to put this message out
he is allowing it and he will use it as
a means to draw people
closer to him and we read in the word of
god revelation
chapter 6 verses 5 to 6 and jesus is
opening up the scrolls when he opened
the third seal i heard the third
living creature say come and see he’s
speaking to john so john he looked and
behold a black horse
and he who sat on it had a pair of
scales in his hand
and i heard a voice in the midst of the
four living creatures saying
a quart of wheat for a denarius a
daenerys is a day’s
wages so a quart of wheat for a denarius
and three quarts of barley for a
and do not harm the oil and the wine
so what does this passage mean for us
here in the usa specifically
it means food shortages it means
food rationing even it could be from the
i have seen those uh the military
distributing food in prophetic dreams
it could mean complete pandemonium
rioting looting again a denarius
was a working man’s daily wage
these days are coming but don’t forget
if you belong to the lord god almighty
if you belong to the lord jesus christ
if he
is the savior of your life he is your
he will guide you day by day through
these times we are not to be afraid
but the lord is saying to these the
other group
choose this day whom you will serve usa
choose this day who you will serve will
it be me
your creator or will it be the god of
and so-called security will you accept
what the enemy is dishing out for free
which it will come with an eternal price
tag or will you accept
the god of abraham isaac and jacob
who is the living water and is the true
bread of heaven friends if you know
someone who
is into agriculture go to them share
message with them and let them know that
the lord
wants to speak these things to them
and that if they will humble themselves
and pray
that he will guide them specifically yes
food prices will soar it is upon us now
food shortages will occur that you could
have imagined in your lifetime it is all
and it is already here in the early
what in the world is really going on you
might ask
jesus christ is calling all sinners to
he is closing out this age and he is
look i am lowly and meek
and i want you to imitate me i want you
to love
your neighbors in need love those who
are the unlovable and
share what resources you have and
friends you never know the lord
he may bring down heavenly manna just
for this time period
be expectant await for his word
for you specifically what does he want
you to do
to help you to endure through this time
and he may have you relocate he may have
you stay put
and you will not know unless you take
the time to inquire
so ask him and he will give you the
answers that you are seeking
don’t go to others for the lord’s
instructions for you
well certainly you can ask others to
pray for you as
as we are asking others to pray for us
where does the lord’s strategically
want you to be open the door
of your heart’s friend and let the king
of glory come into your life
and to dwell with you today all right
it’s the most important decision
that one can make and yet time is
running out
time is running out and we have only
been promised
this day tomorrow is not guaranteed
so let’s put our full confidence in our
savior the lord jesus christ
let’s be profitable for the kingdom of
and i just want to say thank you friends
for continuing to visit this channel
and this is sister gwendolyn song
signing off for today

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