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Prep for Plauge! – Kim Chadwell

Prep for Plague! (#140)

Jan 25, 2020
Kim Chadwell

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over 24 hours ago I received some
information that literally shook me I
felt a shaking in my spirit I felt alarm
bells going off in my spirit I literally
felt a physical response to the
information that was given to me I’ve
held on to this and then throughout the
day today and for the last three hours
the alarm bells have continued to go off
in my spirit and now I’m making this
brief message to you
this virus this disease this plague that
is in China began in China is very very
serious this is not being reported
correctly and accurately in the
mainstream news understand that we know
that the mainstream media has not been
honest in several areas so we have to
expect and understand and respect that
it’s going to be the same in other
situations I have a friend who is a
missionary in China and they have
smuggled out some video and some photos
there’s other information that’s being
smuggled out of China and the death toll
is in the thousands it’s not nearly as
low as they’re trying to get everyone to
believe that it is and of course it’s
now expanding into other countries you
must know that if people are dropping
dead in the streets people are dropping
dead in the hospitals they’re running
out of food they’re showing photos of
the groceries being emptied that this is
going to affect the world this is going
to affect Commerce this is going to
affect trade this is going to affect
travel this is going to affect the banks
this will spill over in many many areas
and if we talk right now just in the
health core of the issue that this this
particular virus they’re saying it’s a
five day incubation meaning people do
not feel that they’re sick there
not acting sick they’re interacting as
usual they have traveled as usual and
then they get to that location and then
they become very ill very quickly and
die so I want you to imagine right now
where you live if your town was put on
lockdown quarantine that means that
there will be military tanks piles of
dirt and sand and you’re completely
blocked that would mean that interstates
in and out are blocked your roads the
main roads and side roads everything is
blocked what would happen to your town
your city how long would it take to run
out of food how long would it take to
run out of medical supplies or
necessities it won’t take very long at
all in China there have been given
orders to shoot to kill anyone that
tries to flee and people are fleeing and
effort to try to find food so what I am
doing right now what has alarmed me is
the awareness of how serious this plague
is shooting across the world it shook me
in my spirit and I’ve sat on it because
I wanted to be sure what I was feeling
what I was sensing what I was hearing
and I want to give you some instructions
that are vital to what you need to do
and you need to do it now the holy
you must consecrate yourselves what that
means is you must repent of your sin
those of you that have been in open sin
you must renounce it you must confess it
those of you that are in relationships
with fornication those of you that are
involved with deception those of you
that have been stealing those of you
that have been lying those of you that
have been involved in dishonest schemes
those of you that have pornography and
fornication and perversion inside your
home those of you that have filth and
those of you that have trinkets and
idols and things that don’t belong in
your home you must now cleanse your home
cleanse your mind cleanse your body and
you must get on your knees and repent to
God all of us should do this all of us
must do this so that’s number one
we must consecrate ourselves and we must
confess and repent of our sins and any
sins that we may not even be aware of to
ask God to bring that to our attention
the second thing that you are to do is
to anoint yourselves with oil anoint
each other

anoint each other’s head hands feet and
I found it so ironic as I was doing it
myself that you protect and anoint my
hands what I touch what I come in
contact with and my feet where I walk
and where I go isn’t it interesting that
this is where Christ was pierced for us
at his hands and feet our hands to be
that of servants our feet to be that of
soldiers and those who are working for
the gospel of peace anoint yourselves
anoint each other the name of Yeshua
Jesus Christ the father son the Holy
Spirit ask for protection and anointing
over your physical body over your hands
what you touch over your feet where you
go anoint your homes with oil the next
but place the Word of God over your door
frames do not skip this instruction if
you don’t have stencils or something
fancy or a photo to put then get a piece
of paper and handwrite a scripture that
you want over your door frames and then
you can go and purchase yourself
something nice if you choose or just
keep something handwritten understand
the issue of what is coming out of China
you must know that food comes out of
China you understand that supplies and
materials and many many many many many
things come out of China how many times
you turn something over and it says Made
in China there’s people right now that
you’ve placed orders on amaz
with FedEx or other situations and it’s
coming out of China use wisdom if you
are even to open it and receive it this
is very very serious this is not a joke
this is not a game you want to mock and
laugh I pray for you if you knew these
simple instructions would save you and
your household you would do it in a
moment nothing we do in representation
of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and
representing and identifying ourselves
as a holy people has ever done in vain
pray for the people in China pray for
the holy people in China to be protected
pray for the holy people that you know
and you’re connected with holy people we
must rise we must be consecrated and
holy we can’t just put the sticker on us
and say we’re holy and we live sinful
lives persecution is coming hard times
are coming the weather and all of the
things that all the things we’re told in
God’s Word have been coming the fires
the earthquakes now we were at the
plagues the sickness the disease when I
prayed just a few minutes ago I thought
Here I am in a modern world
placing oil on my head my hands my feet
behaving in the way that the holy people
of the past did they fasted they prayed
they consecrated themselves they
hunkered down on their knees and prayed
their hearts out for protection be
obedient in this instruction for those
of you who are not sure what to pray I’m
going to lead a prayer that you can
repeat please I urge you I have never in
a long long time felt the shaking in my
spirit and in my soul and in my mind
like I do about this
it is coming here it is coming it is
coming it is coming here it’s coming
whether or not it’s reported or not we
are not going to go by the words of the
world we’re going by the messages of the
Spirit he will always communicate with
this holy he always gives his holy
people the warning he always gives the
holy people opportunity for protection
but we must choose obedience to receive
that protection when he instructed them
to place the blood of the Lamb over
their doorframes they could have
disobeyed they could have laughed and
said what a joke huh they didn’t they
did it quickly and they were passed over
please holy people anoint your homes
anoint your homes with the Word of God
over your doorframes
place the Word of God in your purse and
in your pockets don’t underestimate
God’s Word which is the sword I carry a
mezuzah in my purse don’t underestimate
having God’s Word on your body in a
pocket or a purse
don’t underestimate placing it over your
door frames for protection on your
mailboxes identify yourself as a holy
family as a holy person be aware what
you’re touching be aware who you’re
around wash your hands with soap when
you’re in different locations and stand
on the protection and the consecration
that you have completed be obedient to
these instructions and I’ll say this
prayer so that you can repeat it if you
feel you’re not sure what to pray dear
I come to you covered in your son’s
blood in Jesus name I praise you and you
are holy God I ask you that you forgive
me of my sins I ask you God to show me
and reveal to me the sins that I’m not
even aware of that have offended you
and keep me away from you please God
forgive me and show me and give me the
strength to rise up and stand for you
give me the strength to say no in
situations that I know in my heart and
you know are not right give me the
strength to walk away from sin give me
the strength to walk away from unholy
relationships unholy partnerships
dishonesty and perversions that I have
been a part of I ask that you forgive me
God I want to be a holy person I want
you to know me as a holy person I ask
you God in the name of Yeshua Jesus
Christ that you protect me against the
sickness I ask you God that you will
please pass over me and this disease and
plague will pass over me and go past my
home and my family I ask God in the name
of Yeshua Jesus Christ that I anoint
myself and my forehead in the neck on
the name of the Father Son and the Holy
Spirit and Jesus Christ I ask God that
you anoint my hands with oil and hear my
words that I give my hands of service to
you and obedience to you may you protect
what my hands touch I ask God that my
feet be anointed may I be a servant that
walks for you and lord I ask that you
protect my feet where they go please God
give me the courage and the wisdom to do
what I need to do to remain holy father
the only way that I can lose this is
through disobedience may I choose to
obey you may I be a follower of the way
show me the way show me the way to
behave as a holy person father give me
an ear that hears your whisper give me a
heart that understands the heart of
service give me feet that are willing to
walk in difficult situations but you
give me the words to say may my hands be
the hands of a servant and may they be
hands of love may my lips speak peace
but may I be fierce when I need to be
bold and may I be gentle and soft and
when I also need to be quiet but God I
know your hand has lifted your hand of
protection lifted a year ago because man
demanded that of you and you released it
and I am asking you as a holy person to
please put it back over the holy people
Lord we’ve asked you to leave our
government we’ve asked you to leave our
schools we’ve asked you to leave our
libraries we’ve asked you to leave the
doctors we’ve asked you to leave
everywhere and we walk around mumbling
and groaning but very few of us have
stood up and spoke against what’s
happening oh we can have opinions but
how many of us have truly stood up and
rose up and risen to the occasion to get
in the battle forgive us for being
lukewarm forgive us for being lazy
forgive us for pretending we don’t know
about it forgive us for the people that
needed our support and we pretended we
didn’t know anything forgive us when we
were prompted to help someone and we
didn’t forgive us for not showing up
when we needed to physically be in a
situation that was going to stand up for
forgive us for choosing our jobs instead
of serving you forgive us for feeding
and serving ourselves send instead of
being pure and holy before you I ask God
on this day
that as this each person hears this
prayer and this urgent message that they
fall to their knees and understand the
urgency in the seriousness of what is
coming it is not going to take people
with opinions that are going to make it
it’s not going to take whether or not
you go to church every weekend it’s not
going to take if you know scriptures or
not it’s going to take are we holy are
we holy the word and the warning you
gave at the beginning of the year can
the holy messenger even come and step
over our threshold into our homes and
know that we are a holy man and a holy
woman forgive us for not being willing
to pay the price to be set apart forgive
us for being a part of what we think in
the world thinks is funny and we laugh
with them forgive us for watching filth
and compromising because that’s what the
world tells us is entertaining forgive
us for being lazy forgive us for sipping
and drinking on milk when you’ve
demanded us to be on the meat forgive us
for expecting other people to do the
hard work forgive us God for not having
you’re our eyes in your word you’ve told
me repeatedly God that the dryness of
your word is killing the families
forgive us for using machines to help us
get a little piece of your word father I
ask right now that the holy people will
light a candle and kneel on their knees
and be of a repentant heart become
consecrated and holy anointed of their
heads hands and feet just as your son
bled for us from there his head bled for
us with the thorns his hands in his feet
and now we anoint ourselves and father
we took communion I’m sorry I forgot to
say that take communion a piece of bread
and juice or water whatever you have
just a few minutes ago
your body you said my body just broken
for you
do this in remembrance of me my blood
shed for you do in remembrance of me
oh how lightly we have become over the
simple memory and the act of communion
may we rise up consecrated may our homes
be cleansed your word is over our
doorframes your word is on our mailboxes
and on our gates we are set apart and
marked when the evil spirits come they
will flee they will not cross over
because we were obedient in this act
those of you who are laughing and
scoffing right now I encourage you even
if you are a bit unsure do it anyway the
time has come for the holy people to
rise we must rise yes but we must rise
consecrated you cannot say you’re a part
of the holy people a part of the holy
nation the royal priesthood unless you
are consecrated to stay holy people holy
I am Esther it is time to rise

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