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Pre-invasion three year period – Chuck Youngbrandt (Commentary by Mike Manoochio)

Pre-invasion three year period

transcript with commentary of the prophecy given to Chuck Youngbrandt from The staff and the sword ministry.
May 4, 2020
Commentary by Mike Manoochio

the entire video is just over two hours long.  The section that talks about the 2-3 years that will occur before the Invasion by Russia and China is about half way through the presentation.  But I recommend they listen to the whole thing

This is VERY timely. We may already be IN this? So many things are happening and so fast. Either we are seeing types and shadows increasing in intensity or we are IN in at least the first year? Regardless, the Lord lead me to do this transcript. The content from the Lord given to Chuck and any quotes from Chuck are exact, unless otherwise stated.

Chuck’s delivery is both organized and stream of consciousness so there may be more to these three years which are elsewhere in the presentation and can be added at a further time? or he is emphasizing different things as ad lib outside of the format he presented? So, we will continue to study it, assemble it, and see it as marching orders for the body!

This prophet has a track record of things that dealt with President’s safety, Major powers like Israel-and these things came true as he was told they would. Not to mention many of the smaller things that are set as fore shadows of the bigger ones to come-these have happened also.

I found Chuck Youngbrandt online in 2018, right after he passed away! I was in a bad place emotionally and the presence of God filled my heart and mind that day and I slept like a baby. There is a mantle and authority that lasts in the spirit world seemingly til today that comes through the ministry God gave to Chuck and his Wife. Of particular note, I was given a word about “Florida going under (water) and much more in the end” and he had this same word he was shown that Florida would just slowly sink! And that’s what my visual was. I got that word about Florida in 2015 waaaay before I knew anything about Chuck or any of the words given to him. That is why I am doing this. Because the spirit of God moves on me the more I have to do with The words that Chuck was given!

It just goes on and on with Chuck’s ministry that he had with his wonderful wife. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Pray over what you are hearing. The proof is in the pudding. This is an established man with a proven prophetic gift and I believe he has heard from the Lord. For such a time as this are we taking a closer look and examining this word and discerning what things could have been or were averted due to repentance and what things cannot! It would appear that this judgement is imminent. Yet, as we know, God does mix his mercy with his Judgement. Mercy is held in a higher regard than the law, as scripture says. Look it up. :). I know it’s in there. I read it before.

I just want to get this posted for now. I feel a sense of urgency as we have seen things change almost overnight with the Covid 19 Virus and the way the Glow ball ists have swooped in and taken the opportunity to put into practice all the stuff on the books about basically the complete control of people in the United States.

Please contact me with any insights into this word. But please keep it constructive and positive, or I won’t read it and will not read anything further most likely unless lead of the Lord to do so. The church has to start being the church, and that includes online! If you are in doubt about something, take it to the Lord. Don’t attack others because you feel insecure or it’s different than what you believe. God is not worried, and he is our Father, and neither should we as his children. He will lead you into all truth. He will me, too. Thanks for reading. Let’s heed the call to repentance and preaching it to others. Now is the time to be headed to being ‘all in’. God help us and deliver us, Amen.

The word given to Chuck Youngbrandt on the 2-3 year judgment period that will precede the invasion and occupation by foreign armies. He said he was given the framework, or outline of it.
Received from the Lord on April 21, 1977

1st year: 

It will start off with HEAT. Get used to the heat and not having air conditioning.
DO buy gas cans and store white gas
Spring rains will be followed by summer heat and gas shortages. The dollar will begin to slide in July for this reason. Crude oil imported into the United States will increase sharply. There will be gold value problems.

Temperature rise will begin in June. Chuck asked the Lord when and the Lord said June 9. Climbing temps will reach peak highs in July and hold all the way til Sept, followed by drastic temperature drops in October. (In 1977 there were types and shadows of this).

No rain of any significance from mid-June on.
Japan and China will become friends through economic agreements this year. (signed in 1977 at the end of the year after this word given to Chuck. These are all patterns or shadows of the early Judgement appearing. )

The church will continue as before; the Angel of death awaits throughout this year. In other words, the Church has been rejecting his word all along. And when this judgment starts, they will continue to do so-even though the evidence will be obvious. The Angel of death will go throughout the church and reap a vast harvest of the rebellious and disobedient, killing at least 90% of them.

Jesus said, “Do not fear”. This year, many will lose jobs. And city and State governments will fail suddenly. Serious economic crumbling. Ps 37:39 (we see shades of this now Spring 2020 with the CV-19 effects).

Disease will start from CA and move east-with many left incapacitated. (we saw shadows of this with AIDS in 1983. This is not the main judgement but an early warning pattern/sign).

From Georgia, a plague to kill thousands as it spreads. Panic and fear will grip the Nation.
Food riots will break out in August in many Major cities. Food costs soar, availability declines, quality poor, hoarding magnifies the problem.
Government tries but fails to instill confidence
Those who rebel against God will rebel against government.

Hundreds of thousands will want for food as starvation begins. Ps. 37:25
Heat is unbearable. No rain. Multitudes curse God. But those touched by the love of Christ will repent and God will spare them. Ps. 53:1
Power outages caused by heat
Fuel shortages grow worse
Riots and deliberate destruction by enraged individuals and extremist groups aiming to overthrow the government. Prov. 3: 25-26.
Local police will fail to deal with the violence, and State troops will be called out. In some areas the violence will be so severe that federal troops and tanks will have to be called out. Ps. 125:2
Chuck: Every step of the way the Lord is giving us assurances that he will bring us through, he won’t abandon us.”The judgement is coming on a Nation that turned away from him, not on the ones that stuck with him”

2nd Year:

January: Northern Iowa will be struck by a strong tremor. 30 days after Iowa a massive quake will strike Boston followed by a wave of quakes leveling blows clear across the land. Chuck was told specifically that on March 19, 1979 there would a quake to strike on this date. And there was. A very modest one that hardly registered on the richter scale (type and shadow being established as a deposit of future quakes) Christians felt it and reported it to Chuck. Then he counted 30 days later and a 4.1 quake struck Boston! So, the pattern was established. The strongest quake they had there in 10 years. These events at Iowa and Boston were no where near the intensity described by God. They were a foretaste of that judgement and pattern. Confirming it. Pay attention, Church! This is real. It’s not going to go away. (Chuck notes here he has witnessed things intensifying as a pattern over the years).

The more destructive the judgement fore shadows the more the church ignores it.
My prophets will be sent out with my call to repentance in late spring, declares the Lord. Ps. 37: 27-28. (I have felt the spirit on me since I started transcribing this word, and it has reminded me how it ALL can change with a move of the spirit-starting in ME! 🙂 )

Little winter snow but intense cold, and little heat in most American homes (this little heat statement was emphasized and reiterated to be a Nationwide problem). Chuck perceived back in 2000 that somehow Y2K will be a part of this.
In some places too much snow-in others none. Severe winds add to the cold.

Power is diverted to Major Institutions, hospitals, and entertainment centers. They will be rationing electric power (my one dream shows this from around 2015).

Food lines, economy near collapse
Crude oil imports cut off by most Oil producers. Japan becomes Red China’s ally.

Chicago temperatures minus -40 to -46 degrees as the coldest temperature of the winter (did we not have this recently in Chicago-3-6 years ago or so?) Upwards of 80% of the homes in the Chicago area will be without heat. After a month of intense cold, many will freeze to death. With Little food and intense fear life will become intolerable to those who do not know Jesus.

Suicide will become common
City services will break down and fail in mid-winter (still talking about Chicago only or? more cities?) Fires will burn unchecked. The dead that fall in the street will lie in the street.

Disease will flourish and kill tens of thousands
The Nation will reap the seed it has sown in itself. (not a punishment-it’s consequences) Chuck interjects it’s not God’s will for us, but is what will happen IF we “keep going this way”< so these judgments can be averted?) Ps. 147:6

Over half the Nation’s employed will be without work and the dollar will be worthless.
Canada will be in sad shape, but not as bad as the United States. Mexico and Canada will SEAL their borders and set a quota of how many united states citizens can move over.

Winter will end abruptly in April with warn days and sunshine. It will be very pleasant. Many will think it’s over, but the land is parched, and last year’s crop failures will deepen this year. Rivers and Lakes will dry up. (we have been seeing this. In some cases, they just disappear in areas that are not even hit by drought! There are videos of whirlpools sucking down water to God knows where and leaving dry lake beds and rivers/streams). And this year temperatures will arise to over 120 degrees by mid-may. Other areas will be ripped by Tornadoes (sounds like the Spring of 2020 and so many other Springs recently), hurricanes (we have seen such an increase with the three that happened in one year. Makes me wonder if we are not further along on the timeline?)

Waves of tremors will shake the land followed by outbreaks of disease. Fear and hate spawn destruction.

Famine will continue. The Government will establish a special economic arrangement (the stimulus checks and unemployed making more than they did when they were working) and food distribution program (sounds like Covid-19 2020!). Early crop failures mixed with unending disasters will crush all hope (2019 from the floods and 2020 from covid-and the lack of workers to work the fields!).
Corruption in Government will destroy confidence (sounds like 2019 impeachment and now the Corona virus fiasco)

No rain and intense heat-people will stay indoors and fear everything is failing (CV-19).
Only the Christian will have the strength to act and the hand of God will be clearly visible to all in the Christian community.

There will be miracles of all sorts: FOOD will be multiplied, the dead will be raised, the sick will be healed. You see wonders of the sort we don’t even dream of. MANY will be saved in this time! (finally some GOOD news!) But….many others will curse God knowing full well why this has befallen them. This will be the year of fear, pain and misery for those who reject Christ. (sure seems like 2020) Ps.149:4. Sin will grow to it’s deepest, even in the midst of judgement with the call to repentance the loudest with visible signs and wondrous miracles, and the mercy and love of Jesus reaching to all.

Multitudes will reject Christ in knowing ways. And the depth of behavior and abominable depravity will stun even the most compassionate.

Persecution will reach a high in this year in many states with government approval. (we are starting to see this with certain Government officials saying bizarre cloaked statements about Christians) Jesus says, “My prophets and messengers will be abused and hated and killed.” The wrath of God was much blended with God’s mercy, but now the wrath of God will burn hot. His fury will be unleashed in a terrible way. Ps. 125:3.

The Giant earthquake strikes the mid-west. Literally the whole continent is shaken by the intensity of the earthquake. The mid west United States is devastated.

The Russians and the Chinese have been forming contingency plans to deal with the United States, aiming at long range wearing down the United States (hmm..similar to the wearing down of the Saints-a type and shadow. And when you think about it, China has been persecuting unto death Christians for decades! So, those believers over there have really been worn down).This has required close cooperation between Russia and China. Although they review the possibility of war, neither party wants to risk war til there are no risks. Both agree that the United States is not to be taken in tact but to be destroyed after being weakened. (and when they invade, the US will have just gone through a full Nuclear attack. (I don’t know how many bombs that means, but I would imagine the biggest cities are the targets plus other key sites and infrastructure.)

The massive mid-west earthquake happens at this time. And with GREAT excitement they (China and Russia) both SEE that the United States are down. It appears to be the opportunity they have longed for. Under the guise of helping us to recover, they immediately begin to set in motion a plan of attack. 30 DAYS LATER, after this mid-west earthquake in Chicago, the LORD sends his ANGELS to warn his CHILDREN to flee the large cities and other areas to be affected (the HOLY Spirit KNOWS which!) 7 DAYS LATER Russia and China press the buttons launching a full thermo-nuclear attack on the United States. The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force are dealt DEATH blows! Major cities are destroyed!! The U.S. returns a hard punch at Russia- much to Russia’s surprise- but Russia weathers the counter-attack with much strength and in two months invades the United States(So, basically, when we see the Chicago earthquake, we know that Nuclear war is like 37 days after and then INVASION is two months from that! I think I want to buy that Radiation sickness med now!) (BTW, Russia has underground bunkers for their PEOPLE in the event of Nuclear war! See how much the government of the US loves us? Not. But there is space for a bunch of the people in our underground bases in the US)

It will be an invasion and occupation, which will last 7 years. At first it won’t be terribly bad. In fact, in the areas in which the Russian are at it will be fairly good. The Lord showed Chuck specifically right here that the Christians will actually have a sense of being liberated when the invaders arrive (except of course for San Diego and Los Angeles who Chuck was shown the Chinese bury people alive til the lord puts a stop to it!)

Especially on the East Coast areas they will be glad for the invasion forces (Russian for the East) Why? Because they will be under a terrible oppression from the anit-christ system (the BEAST system) in this government. So, when this system is torn down by Russia, we are actually set free from it. Of course this is before the occupying armies settle in with the officials who are NOT so kind. (I think Chuck is talking more about the East coast where Russia will land than the West Coast where China will land. Of note, China will come through Mexico ESCORTED by the Mexican military. Then China will betray Mexico, but Mexico does not know that yet, Chuck said) Chuck said the Mexican people and the government are two different things. VERY important to remember this is not about race, but the end times MAJOR players. It’s not about the average citizen. Our racial issues will hopefully not be front and center as people work together and help one another-especially is expected of believers).

Air Craft Carrier on East Coast. A Captain was ordered to surrender his carrier . Then they (Russians ) took it out and scuddled it in the mud-half sunken, laying on it’s side.

Russia will annex Alaska and kill everybody there.
Hawaii will surrender to Japan

The President will then flee to the area of Kansas to a salt mine-the government will go underground (some of this happening with CV-19).

The U. S. Army will fight to the last. There will never be a surrender. The enemy will just tear the flag down and occupy our country. The Army will flee to the hills and continue fighting in Gorilla fashion for the next seven years.

The times will be SO hard that children will be sold for food. :(.

The Occupied areas tended to cooperate with the Armies that were there. Chuck saw churches that had the crosses removed and in it’s place was a bust of Karl Marx. They were worshiping Marx as if he were Christ. Around these towns and cities, Chuck saw people practicing the dark spiritual arts and also those who were deranged and reprobate, who gathered together and hunted Christians for food. Christians were in the outlying areas (from the cities I assume) basically fending off attacks from the occupying Armies and the attacks from these nightmarish people living around the towns.
Toward the end of the 7 year occupation, the enemy is going to set up what is called ‘re-education’ camps. They are basically aiming to kill off Americans-period. Kill us off.

Chuck saw people taken on regular passenger trains, taken to remote areas and switched to cattle cars, and then on to factories. In the factories they were basically stripped naked, hung by their heels and processed for food. This is what brought the wrath of God and his entrance into the picture. ‘Jeffrey’ (not his real name) was raised up, and the occupying armies were driven out before more people were processed.

On the storing of food: if you have a Joseph anointing, then store it up. If you have a Moses anointing then miracles can happen. Here’s the test: Fill up your bathtub with water, Chuck said. If you have a Moses anointing you’ll be able to walk on the water. If you have a Joseph anointing, then act accordingly and prepare. Let that settle the debate, Chuck says. lol.

Whosoever believes on the Lord Jesus Christ-those who know and love him- makes up a part of the Church-no matter what denomination they are in. (in other words, God is dealing with us on an individual level of our relationship with him, it does not matter what seat in what building we put our butt into!).

Don’t try to over power the occupying Army, because God has given them the right to over take us. (Me: However it is MY observation as a former soldier, that if you are in the military then it is your job and duty to fight because you took an oath and the military to do so). But don’t FEAR the occupying Army either, Chuck said. The Lord’s with us; he’ll bring us THROUGH!

This is where it seems Chuck is shifting gears to another subject, so this concludes my notes on the three years of judgement that precede the Nuclear attack, and invasion and occupation a couple months later. Of note is that I don’t recall he intentionally stated where in all of this that year three started? I will add this to the many little questions I come up with.

Also of observation: What, if any, of these judgments can be lessened or stopped? It would not appear they could by the presentation. At least not by much. Besides, the Bible is clear on so many things like cataclysms increasing as a sign of the times. So, these things all seem inevitable whether there is repentance or not. Only that it may be tempered with a certain amount of mercy for repentance hopefully.

By doing this cataloging today of the three year period of events that precedes the Invasion, the Holy Spirit rose on me in power and faith. I am in San Diego and KNOW I must leave here sooner than later! My faith rose and I prayed over the limited resources I presently have. I felt the spirit move and I believe God is in the business of multiplication when he needs to send out workman into the highways and bi-ways. I am believing for a financial miracle so I can GO. I am willing to give up all I have in order to make this happen. But I will still need a miracle to do what I need to do to change my whole life and BE in obedience to what he is calling me to do! Once I am out of CA I KNOW doors will open up for me. They have been shut here and I think that’s god’s way of telling me it’s time to get going. I am moving toward that move by downsizing and shredding and all that stuff you do when you move. I am willing to live out of a conversion van. I’ve done it before out of a car at one time when the rents in San Diego doubled in a year, so I know I can do it again-in a Van!

Mike Manoochio   

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