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Prayer in Tongues with Interpretation – AriYAHnna

Prayer in Tongues with Interpretation

January 20, 2022 8:18 AM

Prayer in tongues! Given In Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Swahili, Zulu, Fijian, Russian, Serbian & It’s interpretation. Given to me on the 30/12/2021 P.M Late Evening.

“Those that are my anointed followers of Jesus Christ experience the annihilation of self, the passing away of self, the carnal flesh, to die before one does a physical death of the body. All have undergone their own path and journey of crucifixion. Daily denying self picking up your cross daily and living the crucified sacrificial life. Experiencing mortality & I have given you the victory from the flesh, the world, the powers of darkness, the devil and the works of evil of everything & anything in opposition to my ways as Heavenly father. It has passed away. You have been Crucified with Christ & raised to newness of life.

Who is like you God? Our Almighty Creator God?! Heavenly father. That which we read about and personally experience in our daily walk and pursuit in living for you & pleasing you. The arch angel Michael who is like God
fought against the Chaldeans for your people who is the head of the military of God’s battalion.
Your loving care and attention, thank you father for malakim, thank you for Michael, thank you that you care for all your children that you bring him forth father to stand up on our behalf and protect us! You father through Yeshua have given us authority over all the power of the enemy, he is already finished, you don’t allow anyone to make us tremble.
Our God who gives us His instructions, His laws as His commandments, all the writings and the prophets are fulfilled in Jesus Christ the one who has saved us from sinning. As He lifts and gathers His remnant up to His Holy mountain of Zion, Horeb where our Almighty God glows with His fire & mighty heat!! Just as the sun glows and gives off it’s tremendous heat so the only begotten son Jesus Christ reflects our father’s Glory! The son glory!! The glory of the son!

Father, you dry up the waters & you lay to waste, you bring forth a dry & parched land, the drought & dryness into the land by the sword of your mouth! By your word! In the wilderness you speak!! You make & create the wilderness! And you make a way as your riches flow in the desert. Earthly goods, the things of this world and earthly desires you lay to waste! You are to be praised! And the praise worthy one!!

A day of blood, & of dark gloominess is coming, of pitch black darkness, a day of scorn and days that the very soul will come to despise.

Yet the soul that springs fountains of the living waters of Jesus are favoured of God of Yah Hashem the seat of our hearts of all our interests to hear you to live you in our entire existence to breath you. to listen to you, to obey you, to live you in our entire existence to breath in to us your breath, your Holy spirit wind.
To be a fighter of you our Almighty God! Who wrestle with you, to contend with you, our struggles with you so we can triumph with you!!

The very vigorous powerful day our King of Kings will put by the wayside all those who fight against Him!!

His Royal Majesty Jesus king of kings returns to execute violent massacre against the city of Babylon! Against Nimrod the mighty hunter and Babylon has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

The Euphrates I dry up. But I Am is a Gracious, Merciful, compassionate kind hearted, deeply loving father and full of tender mercies. Like a mother bears her child in her womb I feel & have the love a mother feels for her baby, & her children. I feel & have the love a father has for his child! Ps 103:13

The love the mercy I have for my people is as a shepherd who cares for All your afflictions and comes against your adversaries who cares for your miseries, & heavy hurts. I Am will cause to happen and to shepherd my people with the tender mercies as the God of your salvation. I am the only healer to mans soul, to his very breath, his spirit, his life his very mental power, whoever humbles himself to see to obey to understand and come out of all idolatry and out of all your slavery keeping you bound that has only been born out of a heart of envy and covetousness. I will take you out to deliver you and MY Greater light of insight of truths of my spirit will shine upon you.

I Am will bestow upon you better insight & understanding that will come out of my mouth as your good shepherd! When you are true and faithful to me as your God with undivided undistracted attention & exclusive worship to me, you will be beloved by me and will be a jewel in my son’s crown, & in my hand and in my kingdom. You will inherit all things! Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: I Am To hide and to conceal. Today beloved, God is your judge and distraction is bitter to the soul, if you make me your all you will be highly favoured, merciful and peaceful & at peace.

Your eternal father in Heaven,


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