Prayer for the people who are gathering together in Richmond, Virginia (on January 20, 2020) to defend their 2nd Amendment constitutional right to bear arms – Margaret Blake

I was given this prayer the evening of Friday, January 17th, 2020 shortly after praying for the people attending the upcoming Rally in the State of Virginia to defend their 2nd Amendment rights as citizens of the United States of America. May GOD be glorified in His people in the United States of America and may His righteousness shine forth like the new day sun.

Shalom in Christ.
Margaret Blake

Father GOD, keep safe under Your watchful eye all the people who are gathering together in Richmond, Virginia (on January 20, 2020) to defend their 2nd Amendment constitutional right to bear arms. Safeguard them from the snares of the enemy that are being set for them. Bring them safely together in their united stand to defend and keep what rightfully belongs to them and their fellow countrymen. Let them be strong as they defend these rights.

Father, there will be many wolves in sheep’s clothing among them who plan to wreak havoc upon those gathering to defend their constitutional rights. Reveal these underhanded creatures so they and their evil plans are
exposed and brought to light. Neither let them, nor those within the government, nor other authorities have success in their evil plotting
against the citizens of Virginia and their rights, but let the tides turn upon these evildoers even as the gallows that Haman erected for Mordecai was his own undoing and became the instrument of his death. Bring victory to those who have come together against this rise of tyranny within their state and country.

Let this also be a time of remembrance for those gathered in Virginia and all other citizens of the United States of America, that the United States of America is a country founded upon godly principles and declared to be one nation under GOD. Let the people have a deep and profound understanding of this precept and let this be the foundational stand that
those gathered in Virginia take.

As it is referred to as the 2nd Amendment; let them also understand it is sheltered under The Constitution of the United States of America and follows after the

1st Amendment which states:

The First Amendment protects several basic freedoms in the United States including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assemble, and the right to petition the government. It was part of the Bill of Rights that was added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791. Therefore, the people have a right to assemble; to speak and to make known to the government and authorities that which concerns them.

The 2nd Amendment states:

The Second Amendment provides U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. Ratified in December 1791, the amendment says: “A well regulated Militia,
being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As these amendments clearly state; then let it be with Your favor,

Father GOD, that the people who gather together to protect their freedom rights, be protected by Your heavenly armies. Let the enemies of the people be subdued, defeated and put to flight. And let Your righteousness and that which is good and right prevail in Virginia and throughout the whole of the United States of America, now and through the coming days and
especially on the 20th day of January, 2020; which is the day the people gather in great number to make their voices heard and to take their stand to defend their legal right to bear arms.

I pray for safety for those who are gathering. I pray for wisdom for those gathering; let them be wise in their assessments, deliberations and
actions. I pray that every plan, plot and scheme of the enemy be thwarted; exposed and brought to naught. I pray for peace to prevail over chaos; righteousness to prevail over evil; and guidance and protection for all who call upon Your name for themselves and for those with them and their cause, in this very significant show of strength against tyranny and injustice.

In the name of Jesus. Amen and amen.


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