Prayer for Healing of the Righteous – Ed and Sue Waldon

Prayer for Healing of the Righteous

Nov 21, 2019, 8:00 AM
Ed and Sue Waldon

Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name and by His power,

Heal the righteous!  Send forth Your healing power into our bodies to heal our thoughts and any physical aliment.  We ask for You to manifest your glory in our midst.  We ask for Your Presence and Power to saturate us in every way and make us new.  We need Your Holy Spirit to touch us and cleanse us in every way from all depression, sickness and disease.

Send us Your glory to resurrect our thinking and how we see You.  You are the Almighty God and already know what we need, so send Your healing power and resurrection glory into the righteous right now.  We expect Your love to be manifested in our midst and Your strength to be on display among Your people.  Forgive us for all our sins and shortcomings against You and Your divine majesty.  We repent of all our evil deeds and words and thoughts.  Make our thinking pure in Your eyes, through the blood of Jesus Christ.

We plead for the Holy Spirit to overwhelm us with the love of Christ and penetrate our stony hearts and make them hearts of flesh to receive all Your benefits.  Let us not forget Your benefits to forgive all our iniquities, to heal all of our diseases, to redeem our lives from destruction, to crown us with lovingkindness and tender mercies, to satisfy our mouths with good things, and to renew our youth like the eagles.  You are the Healer, and we are Your children expecting a miracle in our lives.

We reach out to You in faith, believing for miracles right now in our lives in finances, physical healing and release from torments of the mind and body.  YOU are the great physician and heal us in all respects.  Touch our minds and deliver us for all oppression and depression and make our thoughts pure before you with freedom in Christ and send Your unspeakable joy into our hearts and minds.  Deliver us from all unrighteousness, and make us new in Your sight.

Send Your glory into our midst.  Let us not be a beggars, but let us be children rejoicing in Your mighty provisions and presence.  We expect Your love to be sent into our hearts and overwhelm us with Your presence and peace.  You are Spirit and there is no limitation of You.  You are capable of anything.  You can do the impossible.  You can create in us new minds, hearts and physical stamina.  You make ALL things new, and Your mercies are new every morning.

Let us cry out for Your mercy on us and receive all the benefits of Your glory and Spirit.  You make a way where there seems to be no way.  You create a path for us in the wilderness of life and You have not forgotten us, though we have forgotten You days without number.  Let us seek You always; let us seek Your face and Your freedom in Christ.  This is true freedom – to know Your Truth and be set free.

All Your promises are Yes and Amen.  We reach out to the Word of God and hold on to it with all our being.  We trust the Word of God above all things.  Every jot and tittle WILL be fulfilled.  We are part of that fulfillment right now in asking for You to move in our midst, in Jesus Name.


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