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Prayer for America – Margaret Blake

Prayer for America

March 16, 2020 4:21 AM
Margaret Blake

This prayer was given to me throughout the whole of today March 15th, 2020. May it be a blessing to all. Shalom. Margaret Blake


Father GOD….. I stand with my brothers and sisters in the United States of America and pray for Your Shalom to cover the whole of the USA and her people and placements worldwide. Let that which is crooked within this nation be made straight. Let the evil that lurks about in the shadows be revealed; and let all the workings of darkness be exposed. Where the enemy is at work in discord bring forth the greater and stronger force of the power of Your love in the unity of Your people.

Father… You have Your people situated in specific places throughout the United States of America and worldwide for such a time as this. As You shine forth the light of Your presence, let sound minds prevail where there is anxiety. In these times that are upon the whole earth; where the people worldwide are bombarded with calamity after calamity; let other nations and peoples see that the Lion of Judah is rising strong in Your children within America and worldwide who are faithful to You. As Your faithful children in America rise in repentance for their sins and the sins of their nation; let their light shine as a beacon for all other of Your children worldwide to see. Let the voice of Your children in America raise their voices in praise and thanksgiving unto You with humble and contrite hearts knowing that You and You alone are lifting them up to praise You once again as Your people and Your children who are called by Your name JESUS CHRIST.

As Your children in the United States of America go forth into each day, let it be with great joy in belonging to You Lord and knowing that Your name JEHOVAH NISSI is their banner cry. Once again Your people in America bend their knees and bow their heads to You Holy Father. Once again the peoples of other nations turn their heads to see what You Lord GOD are doing in this country called the United States of America. Once again the enemy is being subdued and trampled underfoot as You show Yourself faithful to the repentant cries of Your people and are mighty to save on their behalf. Though You will make the unrepentant guilty be accountable for their many and grievous sins committed, yet Your hand of grace is extended for the time allotted for the great awakening of many within America and worldwide as You give them the sight of truth and the heart to believe. You cause the tears of many to flow as grief and sorrow for the many murdered and butchered babies becomes a real and true sorrow for the decades of complicit acceptance of these legal killings under the title of abortion. And because of this great tide of immense sorrow and repentance from Your children in America, this monstrous Baal worship has been exposed and because of Your mercy is moving toward a legal end.

Though the enemy fights furiously to maintain its bloodthirsty hold; yet You have given the people of America the man Donald J. Trump to be their President and through whom You have given a time of grace to Your people to do Your will; to repent of their sins and the sins of their nation and to turn from their wicked ways. You have established this President, Donald J. Trump as the instrument through which You are bringing forth Your righteousness to prevail in the place of unrighteousness through the prayers of Your people. You are establishing justice where injustice and every abominable sin and iniquity had been given carte blanche by previous administrations and legislators. You are turning the tables of corruptions and ousting the evildoers. You are bringing them to justice. Though the wicked rally and rave against Your people and this man Donald Trump who is their leader; yet You thwart their every plan, plot and scheme.

Though the collective enemy worldwide in the various forms of their titlements gather against this President and the nation of America; yet You will make a way for them; even in their darkest hours. Though the enemy gather together against Your people of the United States of America and their President, Donald J. Trump; yet their end will be like the three armies that gathered against King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah; You will cause them to destroy one another. What destruction they planned for Your people and America will be done unto them; even as Haman was hung on the same gallows he had planned for Mordecai. The corruptions and perversions and all those responsible will not go unaddressed. Like Sodom and Gomorrah they will be utterly destroyed. The once proud and mighty wicked will be no longer. The end of the vile and profane and corruptors and abusers of the innocent will go to that special place You have prepared for them. You have laid hold of this nation The United States of America to shake it; to waken Your children for such a time as this and to prepare them for the times that are upon them and for Your judgements that must come upon their nation and upon the whole world.

As time moves forward and ushers in Your judgements, calamities abound; yet Your grace is all the while super abounding as Your children turn to You in prayer and respond in obedience to Your will and Your Word. The leadership of America is governed by the faithfulness of Your people. If Your people are faithful then You will sustain their leadership. Therefore Father GOD… let it be said once again of America, that she is ‘One Nation Under GOD.’ To the degree the faithfulness of Your people remains faithful to You; will determine much in the days to come. Let there then be unity within the Body of Your people in America. Let them seek first Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness and trust You Lord GOD for all things needful for themselves and their nation. If the leadership is righteous; then the people prosper in righteousness. Let the leadership of the United States of America be righteous.

Let President Trump be counseled by Godly advisors; men and women who serve You Lord. Give President Trump and his administration Your Spirit of Fear of the Lord. Reveal every wolf in sheep’s clothing within his administration and provide him and his administration with the knowledge; understanding; wisdom; counsel; revelation and strength they will need individually and collectively. Send Your angels to guard and defend President Trump; his family and administration and Your people and all that concerns them. Protect and defend the borders, boundaries and air spaces of the United States of America as well as the deep seas that surround it. Keep Your people faithful Lord. Be glorified Lord in Your people of the United States of America.

In the name of Jesus. Amen and amen.



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