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Pray, Pray, Pray – Gwendolen Song

Gwendolen Song

June 16, 2018

I have loved you My precious children. I gave My all for you. I have suffered immensely for all the sins of mankind and yet the heart that I have for you I do not see duplicated enough. I wish for all of My holy children to begin fasting and praying for the lost. To begin dedicating time that I have allotted you to pray for the sick and discouraged. I have given My all. Won’t you give yours?

Begin by setting your alarm clocks an hour earlier to get up and pray for the condition of the world. Pray for your neighbors who are headed to hell. Pray for the corrupt politicians and their families. Pray for the unborn children that they may be given a chance. Just pray, pray, pray, and worship Me in the stillness of the morning hours. Pray, pray, pray, and when you cannot think of anyone else to pray for pray for the Son of Man who has to do a most difficult thing. I have to bring judgment to My own special creation and it will not be an easy task. In the same way that you pray for the lost, pray that I will be able to endure until the end as I watch My beloved children crying out to their God for mercy. I made you in My image and I gave you My heart. I desire that none should perish but have everlasting life.

Endure until the end with Me.
Never give up the fight.

King Yeshua

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