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pray or speak Gods words

October 1, 2020
Victoria Ang



…. I was woken to a vision at 3:33…. in the vision I saw myself speaking words and the words formulated into a cloud. Within the cloud GREAT winds stirred up and generated force . As the force grew the cloud shot forth with great SPEED!. And every word I spoke the same thing occurred . As the clouds shot forth they reached the destination they were intended. They burst into great flames of FIRE!!!….


It means when I pray or speak Gods words . They will come with the FORCE AND FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT!ALL GLORY AND HONOR ONLY TO GOD! I AM JUST A WILLING VESSEL AND SERVANT OF GODS ❤️❤️❤️ I believe this is being shown for what’s coming for the harvest. For about the past week the Lord has been showing me things that will occur in advance for certain individuals to help intercede!

I KNOW things are so close and God is really preparing some for the great harvest!
Stay in faith ! God is at work on our behalf!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Be Encouraged ! Such an exciting time !

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