Pray! – Cheryl

Pray! – Cheryl

AUGUST 3, 2018

I will fill mouths that are hungry for Me. I will make Myself known to the ear and eye that desires to hear and follow Me. I will also do this with those who do not look for Me, do not desire Me – for am I not the Lord God Almighty? I make rivers in the desert lands and roadways in wilderness places, nothing is too hard for Me! For this reason, I will tell you this; pray. Pray for the lost. Your prayers are not the nothings you think, they are not unheard – but instead, as you pray, and continue to pray – and do not waver, they become heavy in My Kingdom and accomplish much. So I say, pray My children! And pray some more! For My ears never tire from those who would make this their daily sacrifice! Most do not fully realize that prayer is a great work here on earth, that they have access to the Living God with supplications to Me- whose arm is not shortened that it cannot save, nor is My ear heavy that it cannot hear! I count each prayer you make and save it, for in My kingdom your prayers are a treasure that increases and is stored. So I say, ask Me, continue to ask! Pray for your neighbors, your neighborhood! Pray for your friends, and your enemies! Pray for one another! Pray without ceasing. Don’t just watch the news, or read it, use it to show you what to pray for! When you are standing in line, at the doctor’s office, stuck in traffic, look around you – pray for those who you see! For as you grow in prayer, I will guide you, to show you who specifically needs prayer and what it is to pray for! As you go for your walk, or run, pray for all who you pass by! When you feel angry at someone, make it your task to instead – pray for them! For you do not realize the impact this has, in you, and in them. I look for those who have the heart to pray, and I will bless all who take this as their mission – and you will grow in the Spirit and be a mighty warrior for My kingdom. Do not take this lightly, for prayer is a vehicle in which accomplishes My will to extinguish evil – begin this day to pray as you have never prayed before.

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