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Praise our Lord,

Dream:1 I was on a passenger ship leaving some part of Florida and I saw a whole Russian naval fleet pull up to port and they lit up their arsenal inland I saw destroyers and aircraft carriers almost seemed as if it came right out of the water. I saw remote control naval subs with nuclear ☢️ capabilities. End

Dream:2 short dream. I saw myself endowed with powers and light great strength and speed out of this world. End

Dream :3 I saw somewhere here In California there was a a Hindu or sheikh family up in the mountains they had a temple built into the mountain and I felt the Lord Almighty was very upset and started shaking in an immediate immense earthquake and saw 25.6 on Richter scale somehow I knew in Jesus name.

This is now my 4th dream? End. I have been shown where the mountains such as big bear and onward would be okay but I am not for sure completely. But the devastation will put fear and awe of the living God for sure make no mistake about it whole south land will be gone.

Your brother In Christ standing at the ready for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! For His glory. Amen all of our love.

Armando and family

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