Aug 30, 2019, 6:22 AM
Collins Ouma


I received this message on 29th August 2019 at lunch hour devotion.

I feel great! great! joy in My heart when you worship Me in truth and in spirit. A holy righteous, truthful worship that have not been defiled such one, I seek .

I rejoice over broken,humbled and righteous hearys; worship from such is a nice pleasant aroma on My nose.

I will descend everytime you will worship Me in spirit and in truth. I am here with you. The creator of everything:creator of heaven and earth.

When My children worship Me, I descend in their midst to help them, strengthen them and lift them up. My promises are all coming to pass. I keep them for I am a promise keeper.

When I speak, I speak like the Almighty not as man speaketh. I dont speak for fun.My word that I speak will be fulfilled with no alteration or hindrace. No man will and can stop the fulfillment of My word. Who can speak and his word come to pass without My allowing it?

I dont look,act,or move as a man does. I ,the Lord look at the heart. I love a pure heart. In such, I descend to speak and have fellowship with as I will with nothing stopping Me. I speak to them as a father speaks to his son so do I to My sons and daughters at this hour.

When My people gather together to worship Me, it makes My heart glad and I will descend in their midst to speak with them in plain and simple language.

My people its time now to gather in small groups in homes, workplaces, villages, centres and worship and seek Me. I will come to speak to you and give you instructions;let the weak in your midst be strengthened in these gatherings.

In your gathering, I will heal the sick among you; those bound by evil spirits will be set loose.Let worship take the centre stage of your gatherings. For I desire to come and speak to My children.

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