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Pope Francis & Global Citizenship – Ian Kibet

Pope Francis & Global Citizenship

2019/10/20 at 4:45 PM
Ian Kibet

Dream received on 9th October 2019.

After praying about ministry late into the night, the Lord gave me a dream about Pope Francis, the false prophet of Revelation 13 who influences people to get a mark of the beast.

We seemed to be in Nairobi, Kenya, but a place within the city I’d never been before. There were crowds and crowds of people in this area. There seemed to be an event going on, organised by Global Citizen, I saw banners with that name. There were many stations and people were moving from one station to another. There were people at each station presumably explaining to people things about global citizenship. There was one central station where most of the people were listening to a public address. In many places within this event there were images of Pope Francis, so I understood he was the ambassador for the company or something. I saw his images from his childhood too. till his age now. In the dream I didn’t hear of a chip or any mark, although in my mind I understood that’s where it would lead to. I tried to talk to a friend about it, by quoting the mark in Revelation 13, he dismissed me saying it’s the same Bible that says a man stayed in the belly of the fish for 3 days. People of very many religions were there, my Muslim lecturer was among the people I saw. Nobody seemed to even sense something was wrong. Then I woke up

Time: 2019/10/20 at 4:45 PM

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