Please Say Please – Ruth Johnson

Please Say Please

Nov 3, 2019, 1:15 PM
Ruth Johnson

I just received this!

Please Say Please

The wars in the sky are raging
The Holy and fallen engaging
Soon to come to earth.
Prepare, My people, prepare!
Prepare for all you are worth!
And you are worth more than gold
Your simple birth
For the truth to unfold
To the masses,
The torn up classes,
The ones adrift and cold.
Do not shirk, you have work,
And you will not grow old.
In a season, for a reason,
I will change all time
It will never be the same,
Only Light remains.
Soon, my people,
Soon you will know
Of My incredible strength.
You say, well prove it!
See that mountain? Move it!
And you really want to see it?
Be careful what you ask for,
You just might get it!
Prepare your hearts,
Prepare your minds,
Prepare your very souls
By becoming one with Me,
And you will not grow old.
I AM not kidding about the fallen,
They are already here.
Join the angels in this battle,
And whatever you do
You cannot see them,
But you will!
You will not know what to do!
Call My Name and do not stop
I AM here for you!
It is the only reason I have come
And I died for you!
I need you now, do not cower,
But fall down on your knees!
I will bring you safely home
All you have to say is please!

Jesus the Christ

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