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Please Don’t Leave Without Me!

April 25, 2021 10:50 AM

April 24, 2021

I was on a platform with a lot of people, waiting for a bus. The platform was packed with all races and manner of people, facing West (North America). We seemed to be waiting a long time, people were anxious and impatient. Agitation was on many faces and there was nervous milling-around, instead of patience.

Finally a bus came, but there was no way all the people could get on this bus. But they started piling on-board. I went near the door but it was already packed full. The door closed, started to turn out of the terminal. I was frantic and followed it out of the building, onto a major street running North and South. But the bus had taken a detour and was long gone. I realized I was in trouble. I’d left the terminal, had no money to go back into the bus terminal. No ticket or car-fare, so I walked to where the bus had entered the terminal bay entrance, in the first place. Next I saw two inspectors, standing on the platform, who could cause me trouble as I was trying to re-enter the terminal with no ticket, illegally.

There was still many people on the platform, waiting for the next bus. Somehow, I slipped by the two inspectors without any trouble and mixed into the crowd. A bus finally came along. With some effort I managed to squeeze into the bus; had to stand in the aisle, but I had made it. The dream closed.

The terminal is the world. The first bus is the First Fruits. I am not one of them and have known this for a many years. I have an assignment here, so I was not allowed on the first bus. The people that were on the two buses were all awake, repented Christians. Some were waiting for The Rapture, some were waiting for The Warning Experience, some were waiting for God to make a move and upset the satanic agenda rotten apple cart strategy of the elite NWO minions of the evil one. I am a sinner so it was not a given I got on the second bus. I had to go through some further refinement, repentance and trials. After a lot of adversity, I made it. It was however, not of my own power, importance or merit. Best not to presume anything with God! The bus is going to Heaven. Not everyone on the platform got on the second bus. The two inspectors were Angels, or The Two Witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11, Verses 4 – 12. I was very relieved and happy to finally get-outta town (this world).

Pray Repent Make Your Choice For Christ Jesus, It Means Your EternityWith God

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