Locust, Plague

Plague of Locust – Jeremy B.

By Jeremy B.

Apr 2, 2017

As I was praying last night, asking the Holy Spirit to speak a word to me.
I believe He did, only not in the way that I expected. The Lord brought
back a memory of when I was in high school in boarding school in Africa.
One day with no warning the city/region was caught in a plague of locust.
Literally we could hear from the distance what sounded like the sound of a
thousand helicopters coming. And in clouds they came, and there were so
many that I could look at the sun at mid day and feel almost no heat from
the sun. The locust all but blotted out the sun for 2 days. The locust were
yellow and black and about 4-5 inches in length. And when they bit you, it
was the most painful bite you could imagine from such a small creature. As I
looked up I could see all the jets diverting there routes because they were
unable to land. The entire city was brought to a stand still. Everything
green, from trees to grass was devoured. We could not stand next to trees
because the weight of the locust piling onto them would brake the branches
off. They were in the air at all time and on top of everything else. We
could not walk without stepping on them. It was as close to what I think of
when the bible talks about the locust plague at the time of Moses. However,
the morning of the second day we woke to complete silence. They were all
dead. millions and millions all dead. I went to the beach down the road and
as far as the could see was locust in the water and the waves piled them up
on the beach. The wings of the locust would blow like snow when the wind
would blow. We raked piles of them like Fall leaves. EVERYTHING GREEN, all plant
life was gone in two days. Not just in the city but in the country. (Dakar,
Senegal, West Africa) in the Sahara. The already poor Africans lost

Then the Holy Spirit brought to memory the book of Joel. An invasion of
Locusst. Again they came from no where and came with no warning and devoured
EVERYTHING. I don’t to this day understand how in the Sahara desert,
similar to Egypt in landscape this could happen. And then your words from
one of the radio shows came to my mind. And it made sense. The giants
appeared from no where and devoured everything. I just hope they die
shortly after they appear like locust, otherwise, there will be no flesh
left alive.


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