Pillar Of Light – Ruth Johnson

Pillar Of Light

Nov 27, 2019 4:03 PM
Ruth Johnson

O, my Lord Jehovah!
In the night! In the night
A Pillar of Light!
Standing tall on the earth,
Then straight up to the skies!
Beautiful The Light!
Cutting through the night!
A Plumb Line, A Level,
Too Straight and True
To be the work of the devil.
The sky was almost black,
Deepest charcoal gray,
I lay in bed on my back porch,
I felt so low, and prayed:
I miss You, my Lord!
I feel so all alone!
I pray for a sign
Before this night is done!
I feel so far away from You!
I so don’t want to bother You
I know You are on a Mission!
I begged Him, Lord please hear me
I want to be on this Mission also!
Please! Please! Please!
Give me ears to hear
And eyes to see!
And He did! HE DID!!!
He showed me A Light!
In the gloomy night sky,
Rain pouring down,
I am feeling alone,
A Light in the sky
Calling me Home!
Then it was attacked!!
Over and over and over,
Huge black shadows
Would group and hover,
Then strike The Light
And crawl all over!
Swift as lightning,
Sinister black serpents,
Over and over,
Regroup and attack!
That Light never failed,
That Light never faltered,
It took on those shadows
And sent them asunder!
By the time it was through,
The sky calmed down,
I knew my life had been altered.
The Pillar of Light was the
Very Same One
That led the Exiles
Through the nights
When they escaped from Pharoah.
They slept by this Light,
It would become a Cloud,
To shelter them from
The heat of day.
A Pillar of Light was shown to me
Repelling huge black shadows.
And then He said to me;
Look how big! How fast!
How many!
My Light will protect you
My Light will guide you
You see, It Is already!
Before you asked to open your eyes,
I knew what I would show you!
Moses asked to see My Face
In My mercy and My Grace
I passed by him
As he hid in a fissure,
And My Hand shielded his face!
I AM too big, I AM too strong,
Too bright for mortals to behold!
I Love you all, want none to perish
So I sent to you
My Son to cherish.
He is The Light, the Lord of Light,
The One patient, virtuous and kind.
He stands for you people,
His sisters and brothers
And has since the start of time.
His Light shines straight
Into The Heavens
Connecting Me to you,
He is the One who holds the key
To Heaven and hell for eternity.
There are two doors
And every soul
Will go through one or the other.
One door leads to torment in fire,
The other leads to Me, your Father.
I AM your Father,
Satan is a liar!
Through the door to the fire!!!
I can see your heart,
It is torn from side to side,
Wanting to serve Me,
Then believing a lie!
You are not alone!
And you never were!!!
I have always been with you!
You think no One cares?
You think I AM not there!?!
Well, you have another think

Your Father in Heaven

The next morning I asked Him;
Why did You make them so big!?!
He told me; I made you small so you could be great in your smallness.
Like Mighty Mouse? I joked.
No, He said, more like Ant Woman.
Sometimes I wonder about His sense of humor.


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