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Pertinent warning of Taliban – Kristin


Pertinent warning of Taliban

September 8, 2021 5:29 PM

Hi there, I have a pertinent warning for the body of Jesus. I have been hearing The Lord speak to me about terrorism coming in to America. On July 1, 2021 He told me terrorism in the church at large. Then Afghanistan happened.

Now, He is warning what He showed me in 2013. God has been speaking to me in visions & dreams about this time in history since 2009…

In 2013 I dreamed that American helicopters filled with terrorists flew into The Pentagon. No one was expecting them or stopped them because they were American helicopters. They were looking for Christians to kill. Here is the dream….


We must pray now for our cities. We are being shown on the news what is happening and we must pray against evil forces infiltrating our country. The borders are open and The Taliban has our helicopters right now. Please remember- this is all PLANNED by the enemy and The Lord will hide His people who call out to Him. The government will orchestrate a catastrophe we haven’t seen on our soil. He has warned me many times while The Spirit groans in my spirit to pray NOW. We CAN keep destruction out of our cities if we pray.

He is looking for a people who will trust Him and worship Him in Spirit and truth. This alone pushes back darkness around us. He draws close to us when we come to Him in need.

In prayer with all of you,

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