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People shipped to FEMA Camp part 2 – Mattithyahu Hazen

People shipped to FEMA Camp part 2

Dec 27, 2019 3:29 PM
Mattithyahu Hazen
And Yechizqiyahu received את eth-the cepher of the hand of the messengers, and read it: and Yechizqiyahu went up into the house of YAHUAH, and spread it before YAHUAH. MELEKIYM SHENIY (2 KINGS) 19:14 את CEPHER

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  1. CJ

    I missed what she said in the beginning. She said something about reading a cepher? She didn’t know better and was just reading the Holy Bible? Can someone explain?

  2. Carolyn W

    The Cepher is a bible published by Mr. Pigeon with missing books of the Bible included. I bought one. On reading Enoch in the Cepher , I saw hat it changed “the sun and the stars bring in the year exactly” (solar based calendar) to “The moon brings in the years exactly. ” (lunar based calendar of rabbinic Judaism). I shut the Cepher and have never opened it again. I do study all the missing texts included in the Cepher, but not the translations of the Cepher. I study many ancient texts as well as Dead Sea Scrolls. I will never again use the Cepher. I am a servant of Yahushua Ha Mashiach, but I stear clear of rabbinic Judaism. The publishers of the Cepher are of a different mindset than I.


  3. Robert Ishak

    Can you please write your message instead of a video so i can share easily. Thank you so much God bless you sister.

  4. Catherine

    CJ, it’s very simple to understand but I don’t like that she reads mail’s and speak to people, when she explains the dream. She could tell first the dream and then read mails and speak to people.

  5. Catherine hazen

    Shalom it’s not about FALSE JEWISH REVELATION 2:9 3:9 those false jews thst are tied in Roman Catholic whore tied together just like SATANS (3) TEMPLE CHAPLE HIDDEN BOOKS IN THE CEPHER IS POWERFUL DEE MATTHEW 7 FEW PEOPLE BE THERE THST FIND IT SEE 4 EZRA CHAPTER 8 verse 1 IVE MADE THIS WORLD FOR MANY NEW KEY 🔑 WORD FEW NO MATTER WHAT U READ U MUST BE LEAD BY HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH JUST LIKE WNOCH NO WE KEEP TRUE CELESTIAL CALENDAR SEE GENESIS 1:14-17 SEE EXODUS 20 SEE REVELATION 22 THOSE THAT ARE DOING MY COMMANDMENTS YAHUAH KNEW SATAN WOULD STEIP RIP HIS COMMANDMENTS FROM EVERYWHERE WHY U Have two hands your two hands are representation of the two tablets of stone that was given to Moses on Mount Sinai you have 2 feet 10+10 = 20 go to Exodus 20 there’s his commandments you are to uphold and walk bold if you love me you will keep my Commandments he tells you this very clearly THE ARK COVENANT Just like Noah his boat was called the ark and there was only eight saved why because he found favor and they were the ones that were keeping YAHUAH ARK COVENANT But no matter what writings you have man has had his hand but YAHUAH LEADS TEACHES GUIDES
    You must become like a little child to enter his kingdom that means you have to relearn everything retrain your brain REIGN WITH YAHUAH MASTER YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH DIED ON A TREE TO SET U FREE NOT t TAMMUZ CROSS TOSS THE CROSS REPENT PEOPLE And you are not being asked but you’re being told in the scripture tells you very clearly come out of her my people See Revelation 16 verse 13 the three spirits of the frogs which is the third temple inside they are going to have Christianity which is formed with the Catholic whore and they are going to have a Jewish and then the Muslims all worshiping one falls deity there see Revelation 16 verse 13 the three spirits of the frogs which is the third temple inside they are going to have Christianity which is formed with the Catholic whore and they are going to have the Jewish and then the Muslims all worshiping one false deity thereGOD GOD THIS WORLD THERE ALL SEEING EYE THERE MONEY ALSO LOOK AT THERE JEWISH EVIL STAR We are commanded to have no images none zero and you could see the pyramid rate in it Isaiah 55 set apart spirit of truth and I was told by YAHUAH To be in the hidden box these hidden books go right along with Daniel many increase in knowledge but they never come to the realization of the truth JUST LIKE THE CATHOLIC WHORE FISH FRIDAY FALSE GODDESS NAMES JEWISH ISHTAR FISH FRIDAY WAKE UP REPENT COME OUT OF YOUR DARK WAYS Just like Noah and Enoch and Abraham they didn’t listen to no other man they walked WITH YAHUAH HE SAID MY SHEEP HER MY VOICE This is where you have to have childlike understanding and discernment

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