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  1. TrinidadWarrior777

    Love this article in regards to the 144000. a new fresh perspective that makes perfect sense in my opinion. I somehow believed due to their description of being so pure they might be children. However a chosen for the time of the harvest , like the remnant to help gather the final harvest .many prophecy about, could be very possible also. in hebrew each number is also a letter or word. First fruits is mentioned often. One meanining Unity 4 represents authority and zero especially 3 of them could simply represent the hebrew word for 3Shelosh [f.], sheloshah [m.] Gather, resurrection, balance, equilibrium, pattern, trees, counsel, witness, and strength. New life, sprouting, resurrection, fruitfulness, words of life…Very well researched article. We cannot discount any of them….since each of us are only given part of the big puzzle.

  2. Trumpet of the Lord

    Yes each text has 7 layers. The LORD is doing a great new thing in the earth!
    I believe the 3 days of darkness and the CERN-accident are different events.
    Maybe 1 of them for the firstfruits-Bride and the another event for the wine&oil bride (the rest of the remnant) I believe this 2nd is with planet 7X. Have you see Gill Broussards biblical study on this planet? Here you have a link to his book:

    Here how the Lord have showed me (in part of course and as far I can see untill now)

    God bless you all

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