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Photo of Patti Young in the Hospital.

Patti Young: Out of Hospital and Needs Our Help

November 20, 2021 3:53 AM
Casey Toda

Thank you Jonathan 🙏 Patti was rushed to hospital this week and fortunately has been released after testing and treatment. She is in need of support and it would a blessing if you please post her Gofundme campaign. Let’s pray and believe that God will not only help provide but also put and end to this season so that she can be restored back into the place of life and freedom we have all been contending for her. Thank you and God bless you and all the 444 fam in Jesus Name🙏

Love in Him,

Bro. Case

Patti’s Link: https://gofund.me/fec0d393

Patti Young’s condition has taken some steps back and she really needs our help and support right now. This last week she was rushed to the hospital via ambulance because she had been having serious ongoing symptoms that appeared to be life threatening at the time. Fortunately, they were able to stabilize her enough for her to be released. She is currently being cared for at home. This latest event has translated to a $3000 dollar medical bill for the ambulance and hospital stay. She has said that her insurance will only cover half which adds to her financial burden and stress. In addition to the medical costs, she still needs provision to cover her bills and living expenses.

Many of you are already aware but for those that may not be, Patti has been in an extended health crisis since last December which has left her incapacitated for many of these months. She has been making improvements prior to the last several weeks leading up into this last event . The doctors have said there isn’t anything that they can do for her other than that she needs to rest and rehab slowly because her nervous system has been traumatized and her muscles have atrophied significantly. She deals with spams and weakness as she’s been affected severely by the events that have lead to the sudden breakdown of her health. She also experiencing severe spiritual attack and torment which has made things even more difficult.
Unfortunately, in this current state she has not been able to work and has had to rely on previous support to get her by. Prior to this she has exhausted all her credit cards, savings, as well as family support. The home health, PT, and assisted living care she has been receiving unfortunately is not covered by her insurance and comes out of pocket along with her regular living expenses. She has tried to file for disability but has had multiple issues come up because of how the system is run in California.

Her current source of provision from previous support has run out so there is a great need for immediate assistance, especially after this last medical event. She has been very against raising money through Gofundme again and begged God to help but He has placed it upon her heart to humble herself again and to make her needs known. This is extremely difficult for her to do. She is used to taking care of herself and being self sufficient. She is not one to look for hand outs so this whole ordeal has been mortifying.
The current cost of living along with the home health care and pt, adds up quickly but she has made good progress since receiving this help. It’s necessary that she continue getting this assistance so that she can heal and recover fully. She currently cannot drive and doesn’t have the ability to do many of the normal functions that we all take for granted.
The current monthly cost of living for Patty with paying rent, food, bills, home care, pt, assisted livings, groceries, etc. is approximately $2600 a month. Please keep in mind that she is currently living in Southern California where the expenses are much higher. This figure is to cover her most basic needs.

Her realistic goal was to be functional and independent by the end of 6 months. However as of right now, she is just needing to take things one step at a time. It has been very frustrating for her to be in the place that she has with her health but it’s been even harder for her to be in a place of needing to ask for help like this.
With the holidays season here, it’s understandable that finances are often spread thinner but for those that are able, please prayerfully consider helping Patti get back to that place of strength and health that she has had before. The financial burdens are an added stress to her as she trying to heal and recover. Thank you and God bless you all so much for your compassionate care

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