Pass Under the Rod – Lisa B

Pass Under the Rod

Lisa B
Prayer Warrior, Australia.

Flash Vision received Last week (Around 24 June 2021.)

Flash Vision 1. 

I was standing outside and looking up at the blue sky, I felt like I was in my front garden as I could see the tall gumtrees in my peripheral vision. I suddenly saw a black pole falling directly towards me, holding its vertical position. I focused on the rounded edge as it got nearer to me. It was coming for me straight between the eyes. Just before it hit, I heard in the spirit:


I startled myself out of the vision before it hit me.

I immediately thought that something was coming for me from the enemy as the pole was black, and going through the scriptures I couldn’t find anything about being hit by a pole on the forehead.

I prayed about it further and the Holy Spirit brought back a flash vision I had last year.

Flash Vision 2. 

Standing in my front garden (again), I was on the front path and watching children running around on the lawn. One of the children then picked up a fluffy toy (a fluffy grey seal) and threw it towards me to catch. They were too quick and I missed, it whacked me across the eyes, nose and forehead.

At the time I thought it might mean (Attention, wake up, the seals are opening. But now I think it means being sealed on the forehead.)

I received more understanding yesterday after studies and prayer, when I discovered the term:

Pass Under the Rod. 

What I discovered.

  • (Ezekiel 20:37.)  And I will cause you to pass under the rod, and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant. Ezekiel refers to the custom of the sheep passing under the shepherd’s rod for the purpose of counting or inspecting them.
  • Moses speaks of tithing the flock, whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto the Lord. (Lev 27:32)
  • Some Jewish writers tell us that the shepherd allowed the animals to come by him under the rod at a narrow entrance. The head of the rod was dipped in colouring fluid and came down upon every tenth one that passed by, thus marking him as the one to be given to the Lord for sacrificial purposes.

So, the sheep were either counted, checked, inspected or marked.

When I read that inspection was part of this process, I realised it was confirmation for the word released by Sister Kim Chadwell (444prophecy news site on 23 June 2021).

A call to assembly ( )


I had taken her word to the Lord in repentance as I don’t feel I’ve come out of the world enough, still involved with children and distracted by their needs, schools, activities etc. I have repented and made more changes now to prepare for inspection.

The pole (or I believe, the rod) hitting me on the forehead to be inspected or marked, is in the same spot in my garden where the seal whacked me in the forehead to be sealed.

Please take this to the Lord for further understanding.

May we all Pass under the Rod and be the tenth sheep.

Blessings to you all.

Lisa B.

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