Panic Buying – Ashley

Panic Buying

2020/01/24 at 3:19 PM

I was in Walmart, picking up some extra stuff due to the things happening in Iran. (I had been talking to the Lord about people starving if a war broke out on U.S soil….And I’d been blessed abundantly by the Lord… so I decided I’d better go get some extra things just in case, and to put them back for an emergency.)

As I was standing in the aisle, I thought somebody touched me. I turned to look and all of a sudden, people were running and screaming and grabbing whatever was in front of them!

I turned to look at the jugs of milk on the shelf, but they were suddenly all gone….

Then my husband grabbed my arm and said my name twice.
He asked me if I was OK.

I didn’t answer him right away because I was searching for the scrambling, screaming people I’d just seen….and looking at the milk shelves that were once again completely full.

Then I replied: “No. No, I’m not OK….”

I almost started crying right in Wal-Mart. But I remembered to trust the Lord and do not fear! So I started thanking the Lord as I finished my shopping.

That was 3 weeks ago.

I know that vision was from God.

I’ve got goose bumps just telling you about it. I feel that same feeling every time I share it….like I just want to cry.”

Sister Vicki already shared it. But says I need to share with you as well.


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