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Only The Supernatural Has The Secret Of True Science Not The Occult!

October 10, 2021 9:54 PM

October 9, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Jeremiah Chapter 21 Verse 8
“And to this people thou shall say: Thus saith the Lord: Behold I set before you the way of life, and the way of death.”

Many so-called Christians are dabbling in the occult, or have been swallowed up by it. This is one of the plagues of the End Times. You think the End Times started recently. Think Again! They started in 1830!

Wave after wave of false Christian religions were founded or splintered off of others. Wave after wave of Revolutions. Wave after wave of occult activity. Now down to your own day. Christianity is being totally abandoned to openly run after the snake king and his dirty lies, tricks and machinations.

You desire to know the future, control the elements, manipulate, dominate and intimidate your neighbors. You want power to make your own will prevail. To bring wealth and success to your door.

You Consider The Occult A Science!

This message will concentrate on the Cabala or Kabbalah. My American Dictionary (published in 1940) has the following: “occult Hebrew Theosophy.”

Kabbalah is very popular now with women who were brought up as Christians. They justify it as the secret ancient Jewish mystery religion. Many in Hollywood follow this snake. Some of them say Jesus was a Master Kabbalist. They study it to find the secrets of the universe.

Only The Supernatural Has The Secret Of True Science! The rest are turgid, putrid, pestiferous shadows of the evil one, concocted in the war rooms of Hell, for a fallen humanity bent on taking any short cut they can find, to master this life, manipulate the neurons and control time, space and the elements.

Many of those who dabble in the Kabbalah have ventured into other rooms of the satanic beehive: WICCA, Voodoo, Pachamama, Yoga, Pilates, Goddess Worship, I Ching, Tarot, Horoscopes, Mother Earth, New Age, Power of Positive Religion, Eastern Meditation, Ancestor Religion, Crystals, Star Charts, Black Mirror Gazing etc.

Kabbalah is nothing but Babylonian secret mystery religion that the Jewish elites and intellectuals (read priests and scribes), took back with them to Jerusalem, after they returned from the 70 years exile in Babylon, having apostatized from the Old Covenant with God Almighty. It is the same snake as the Egyptian, Philistine and Greek mystery religions. It’s twin sisters are the Masonic high degrees and the Illuminati.

Anyone who has entered into this hydra trap is lost to God Almighty forever, if they do not Repent. Regardless if you have not taken the snake king’s bite, the Spiritual Mark of The Beast Vaccine, you will never be able to cross the veil and enter into the Peace of The Eternal Father, for your destiny will be the Lake of Fire for all eternity. Anyone with any occult materials, symbols, books, costumes, paraphernalia, heirlooms will never be protected from the coming Judgments or Wrath of the God of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Destroy all materials NOW or suffer for all eternity!

Come Our Now Or Be Lost You Rebels: “For Rebellion Is As Witchcraft.”

Repent And Return To Your Creator The One Who Loves You And Will Forgive You Forever! This Is The Last Call Children! Do Not Hesitate, Your Fate Is Now!


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