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Oh Mystery Babylon… – The Messenger


Oh Mystery Babylon

April 7, 2022 12:43 AM
The Messenger

Thursday, April 7, 2022 1:06 AM

My Son write what comes forth from your Lord’s Heart. Oh America thee once great nation who aspired great things. You were once beautiful to thee world , now you are but a whore a harlot gone astray. I Thee Lord Your God had once high hopes for your once peaceful land . Oh America Mystery Babylon your fall shall be a hard one, Oh America what else can I God Thee Lord write unto you to change your Heart what else could God decree upon you that has not already been written. My Holy Arm My Holy hands shall remove thee fleeting last hopes for your redemption.

People of Thee U.S. prepare for thee unpreparable many mock and scoff My Servants and laughter rings forth from there mouths. You thee ones who laugh shall feel what my servants feel for warning the land. Oh America your pride your lusts your way of life shall fall upon your head as Thee Medes and Pursians attack you leaving your land desolate, leaving many in despair. Oh America as you fall to your knees barely breathing barely able too see the death that awaits you. America your way your ways of life shall end Oh so soon , you who have murdered the innocent you who has done thee unthinkable to My Heritage you who are in disillusion that you would never fall. Your fall shall be hard and short as your Woman get taken away as the children that are left are killed and tortured before your eyes.

Prepare to feel My Anger My Wrath Oh America for you shall feel My Might move upon your land. Prepare people Prepare your mind Your hearts your soul and spirit . There is no escape for you oh people of the land of the free home of the wicked. People of Mystery Babylon time is now at hand , I am here waiting, desiring for all to come to Me. My Heart is torn Oh people of America and your time is up I have given you ample time ample space and you have wasted what I Thee Lord God has allowed . Get ready Oh once great prideful lusting dwellers of America for your fall shall be thee fall of falls.

End of message

The Messenger


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